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sdboardr99 11-24-2003 11:32 PM

DV Expo is coming to LA in December: <BR> <BR><font size="+1"><font face="times new roman,times,roman"> <BR>Marking its seventh year as the leading industry event, Digital Video Expo West 2003 is brought to you by DV, Digital Video in the Classroom, and Xtreme Video magazines; DV.com; CMP Books DV Expert Series; and the event organizer of Digital Video Expo East. <BR> <BR>Digital Video Expo West 2003 offers a comprehensive conference that provides information on cutting-edge tools, techniques, and technologies for the professional digital community. A full-day DV Intensive focuses on the Power of Lighting. Half-day DV Expert Series workshops feature Photoshop for Nonlinear Editors, Audio for Video Editors, DV Cameras, and Compression. 90-minute DV Expert Series sessions concentrate on Type Design for Video, DVD Authoring, and Color Correction. <BR> <BR>On the exhibit side, Digital Video Expo West 2003 hosts a bustling show floor featuring leading companies. Exhibitors present cutting-edge solutions for production, postproduction, and delivery. Industry leaders appearing on the show floor include Adobe, Apple, Avid, Canon USA, Canopus, Discreet, Hitachi, JVC, Matrox, Panasonic, Pioneer, Sharp, Sony, and more.</font> <BR></font> <BR> <BR>You can get info at <a href="http://www.dvexpo.com/west/index.jhtml" target="_blank">http://www.dvexpo.com/west/index.jhtml</a> and registration for the exhibits is free with priority code NV20. <BR>

scott_a 11-26-2003 12:12 AM

Every year I want to go to this event, but I don't have the time to make the drive down to LA and go to the expo. From what I understand, there will be several seminars on how to shoot extreme video (ie extreme sports, skate, snow, surf, rock climbing, maybe wake as well?). I don't know if they are going to cover wakeboarding for sure, but I would really like to hear what they have to say about shooting extreme sports in general... <BR> <BR>Bill if you go (or if anyone else goes) let me/us know how it went...

sdboardr99 11-26-2003 3:21 AM

I'm planning to go and with the new extreme sports mag coming out I'm sure they will have some seminars about shooting extreme sports. Besides, it's what all the cool people are doing now! <BR> <BR>I'll let you know how it goes but I think you should take some time off from school and come down to LA to hang out. <BR>

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