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tdeneka 11-21-2003 7:45 AM

I like filming in 16:9 frame mode. It looks great on widescreen TVs. I want to be able to burn the video onto DVDs with the black bars on the top and bottom so it will play as 16:9 on older, dumber 4:3 tvs. Is anyone doing this without spending a ton of $$$? I just started this whole video editing thing this fall, and am getting addicted. I want to be able to burn DVDs for family and friends that will be 16:9 wherever they are played. Thanks for any help . . . .

deepstructure 11-23-2003 12:24 PM

im guessing that when you say you film in 16:9, that your camera is actually shooting in that aspect ratio. what camera are you using? <BR> <BR>i can shoot that way, but my camera accomplishes it by actually putting black bars on the video. keeps the aspect ratio, but doesn't allow for full-screen on wide-screen tvs (as far as i know, never tried it). <BR> <BR>if you have an editing program its simple to create a black bar mask to overlay. as far as i know, you cant create a dvd version that will play equally well on newer AND older "dumb" tvs. <BR> <BR>the only way to do this is to create two versions of your film, an anamorphic one and a regular academy one. that way at least people have the choice.

tdeneka 11-24-2003 6:22 AM

I have a Canon GL-2. It shoots the anamorphic 16:9. Uses same CCD area, but "squishes" the sides in. When viewed on a 4:3 tv, everything is skinny (including me, so it's not all bad!!). When viewed by a widescreen TV all is well.

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