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08-22-2001 9:00 AM

I have like five inverts under my belt, but I would like to learn raleys. I've read all the tips and I can basically visualize exactly what I need to do. <BR> <BR>So, I was wondering... I can do them on my tramp. How similiar is the whole trick on the trampoline to actually doing one on water? <BR> <BR>Thanks

ie: the tower when on the water 08-22-2001 9:56 AM

Not very similar at all! However, you can practice on pulling the rope down to your knees and on keeping your head up and looking at where the rope is tied (ie: the tower when on the water). Just jump real high AWAY from where your rope is tied and then pull the handle in to your knees. Good luck, can be painful on the water!

08-22-2001 10:26 AM

I'm sure I could do it if I could just not chicken out and let go of the rope. <BR> <BR>Is that one of the biggest things to overcome?

08-22-2001 11:02 AM

I have seen some pretty nasty stuff from people attempting these, even myself..... <BR>I have one thing to say befor u try one <BR>HAVE U EVER HAD A DREAM THAT U WERE FALLING AND THERE WAS NOTHING U COULD DO ABOUT IT . ALL U CAN THINK ABOUT IS MAN I SHOULDNT HAVE TRI..BAAAMMMMMMMM... <BR>Thenu here ur friends voices as they are pulling u out of the water.. ATleast thats what happens to me...LOL

08-22-2001 11:15 AM

Yeah - I've tried them... Then I get half way, Throw the rope and do a front roll to try an save myself from gettin wrecked too bad. I just think if I could over the fear of hangin on I would be alright. <BR> <BR>and yes... I know the feeling of being drug out of the water by the back of my lifevest, wind knocked out of me, two missing contact lenses, and two days of lying around watching tv and waiting for the chiropractor appointment. <BR> <BR>But it seems like it would be soooo fun to be able to do one.

08-23-2001 10:34 AM

They are the <FONT COLOR="ff0000">••••</FONT> man, they look so cool from in the boat or on the bank, just remember to look at the the other end of the rope where its connected to the tower. This way u have a focal point and u can try to concentrate. U dont have to snap the board back , it will do it itself if u have a good edge with some good pop. As the board goes up behind u start pulling the rope and get ur feet back under u and hold on because u will be haulin ass when u land..try to stay on ur edge when u land because slippin out at that speed even hurts , Let alone falling out of the air from that fast.

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