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mjfan23 11-13-2003 4:06 PM

What is an affordable nice boat to ride behind? <BR> <BR>What kind of boat do you ride behind? <BR> <BR> <BR>Eric

malibususpect 11-13-2003 4:31 PM

i ride behind a '99 malibu wakesetter that was in perfect condition and relativly cheap. <BR>

jklein 11-13-2003 4:53 PM

Sometimes behind my 97 sunsetter. Sometimes behind my friends 99 Pro Air Nautique, and sometimes behind my friends 2002 centurion avalanche. 50/30/20 ratios.

garyw 11-13-2003 5:31 PM

04 Malibu VLX. If not my boat then my buddies 01 Malibu VLX

ryan38 11-13-2003 6:12 PM

i ride behind the worlds most expensive, fastest boat. it cost my almost 1 million. yeah, thats right, a million. its complete with a tv, tower, full line of water accesories, and even a little james bond crap!

sdboardr99 11-13-2003 6:21 PM

I think you need to define affordable. I have a Tige 20v which was affordable to me. For some people it would be a really expensive boat. <BR> <BR>I think the most affordable boat that puts out a good wake is a Nautique 2001 (that's the model, not the year). <BR>

socalwakepunk 11-13-2003 7:16 PM

Personally, a Super Air Nautique. Affordable alternative? how about a Sanger.

hyperlitenrd 11-13-2003 7:44 PM

We have a 1987 four winns horizon 170 it throws a wake...we put a tower on it...you can c the wake in my profile. it was expensive at the time but it lasted for 16 years so far.

crash93 11-13-2003 7:59 PM

I got a 21ft 95 Sunsetter LX (prefect condition), EFI 350 with 298 hours, and a tandem trailer off of Ebay for a great deal. <BR> <BR>With some fat sacs and a few people, it throws a great wake. It's no V-Drive, but if you're spending less than 20K it is definately a boat to consider. Also has plenty of room for the whole crew. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by crash93 on November 13, 2003)

forum25 11-13-2003 9:24 PM

I have a Ski Ray made by Sea Ray, i have 1 sack and depending on who is in the boat then the wake it alright, rounds over tho. And i have a pole i put up..does the job for now, Looking to upgrade actually.

mrburns 11-14-2003 7:15 AM

It also matters where you are.....WestCoast...has Sanger and a few other brands that aren't really offered In the East..(i'm sure they have some the Westcoast doesn't have either).. ITs a solid built boat, same motor as the rest and less problems, All the options are offered...They are also local and back their product with tons of support, should you need it.

luchog 11-14-2003 7:39 AM

if you dont want to spend 20 or 30k you can always get an older boat and customise it, you could get an old hull and have it repaired, and then you could do the same with the engine, or just buy a new one. (it would be good to have engine warranty) since it's the most expensive part of the boat. <BR>We do that a lot here in Argentina since it's almost impossible to buy nautiques or those.

mjfan23 11-14-2003 7:52 AM

Hey thanks for the responses!! i am still keeping my options open, but i was just wondering if any of you have ever ridin or heard anything about the Toyota Epic. Dont no much about it at all!

ryan38 11-14-2003 8:46 AM

here is a pic of my super fast, super expensive, super cool boat <BR> <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65919/88949.jpg" alt="">

aaronlee13 11-14-2003 9:01 AM

i ride behind a 2001 centurion air warrior v-drive... affordable is all relative, but this boat is very good for the cost, and you get a v-drive... threw some extra weight in there and makes a phatty wake

bean521 11-14-2003 10:16 AM

I ride behind a 21' foot Custom Weld Jet boat. Does anyone else out there ride behind a jet boat?

nautiboarder 11-14-2003 2:33 PM

I have a 2000 Pro Air Nautique. My old boat was a 1989 Nautique 2001. For the price its probably one of the best wakeboard boats around. There really isn't much difference between the wake of my 2000 Nautique compared to the 1989.

jonb 11-14-2003 2:44 PM

Iused to ride behind a jet boat. those boats have no wake at all.

wakeboardputz 11-15-2003 10:48 AM

Try to find a 95-97 sport nautique. Sometimes you can find those for a good price. Great wake. Another good boat to buy is an MB B-52 up to year 2001. After that they changed the hull and the wake got crappy.

ryan38 11-15-2003 3:09 PM

i ride behind a jet boat-- the bat-boat, its fast as heck

iewc_vp 11-15-2003 3:36 PM

I head Bayliners are cheap. The other alternative is to become a WakeWhore like me and my brethren Thane Dogg. No payment, meet lots of great people, get to ride behind all different boats... I tell you the benefits are endless to wakewhoring.

david_jackson 11-15-2003 3:44 PM

i ride behind a 2003 x-9 or a my biddies x-7 or the new x-star

kristian 11-15-2003 10:36 PM

I haven't heard great things about the toyota epics, but you can only tell if you try. What is your price range, give us a clue. the older nautique 2001 with alot of weight can put up a nice wake. <BR>But I'll have to second Tim's Comment and say Wakewhoring is a great lifestyle.

xtremebordgurl 11-16-2003 12:32 PM

I've been riding behind my dad's 04 Sea Ray 22' Sundeck, the wake is wide, and it tends to wash out, we got the tower and board racks.. I think the wake would be alright if we could get some ballst to put in it.

wakestar8878 11-17-2003 10:39 AM

My family and I ride behind a 02 Sanger V210..Its a nice alternative to the High Priced, Name Brand wakeboard boat. It cost about half the price of a Nautique, Malibu, or MC. But all the quality is there. Its a hand built 21 foot V-Drive, Plenty of room, Drives smooth, turns well even fully weighted with 8 passengers and boards. And with the money you save you can buy a new truck to tow it. Oh yeah and the wake isnt bad either.....lol

veganx 11-17-2003 4:48 PM

Most of my time is spent behind a brown metal flake 1977 Lund with a 85hp Johnson and Swivel Eze pylon. Oooh yeah!

maristar210 11-22-2003 2:17 PM

my dad just bought a 2001 malibu sunsetter vlx havent ridden bhind it yet though too cold. here in kansas.

texastbird 11-23-2003 6:03 AM

My boat is a 1992 Malibu Sunnsetter Euro F3. I got it in April, with about 300 hours on it for about $12k incl TT&amp;L. I put a monster tower on it, and it works really nicely. It throws a pretty good wake, but I really need to find some ballast - I plan to work on that in the off season...

wakeboardputz 11-23-2003 7:49 AM

texastbird- Get some lead and distribute it evenly front &amp; back. I did that and it works so well.

jbf 11-23-2003 4:40 PM

affordable? <BR>cc 2001 series,cc barefoot,cc barefoot v-drives,older supra,s,early mastercraft maristars. <BR>(there are alot more but these will throw a decent wake with aproxx 1000lbs) <BR> <BR>Q2 1994 mc maristar(1100lbs) &amp; 88, supra saltare(1200lbs). <BR> <BR> <BR>

ryan38 12-11-2003 5:33 PM

you will not win in this or aim

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