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w8kmonster 11-11-2003 1:00 PM

After an ear accident which I had at the Teexas Ski Ranch last week, I'm thinking about buying a Pro-Tec Full Cut water sport helmet. Does this help against ear drum damage ? Thanks in advance for your response <BR> <BR>Helge Brand

wakeboard_iraq 11-11-2003 7:48 PM

It limits it but does not prevent it in all situations. There is a thread going right now by the name "yep, you can blow an eardrum while wearing a helmet". I was video taping and posted the crash. The crash was somewhat abnormal. The helmet will usually protect you.

nj_alex 11-29-2003 9:11 AM

Gath offers helmets that come down over the ears. <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.gathsports.com" target="_blank">www.gathsports.com</a>

veganx 11-29-2003 12:24 PM

Jim, Helge is talking about a different helmet than the Wake helmet with the ear flaps. The Full Cut is more of a kayak helmet, where the shell covers your ears, not just a flap. I would <i>think</i> this would protect your ears much better than the Wake helmet. However, it still has vents on the ears, so it's not complete protection. The Gath helmet, with the ear vents closed, would offer the most ear protection. <BR> <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65919/90381.jpg" alt="">

w8kmonster 12-04-2003 4:51 AM

Bird thats exactly the helmet what I'm talkin about. Yes it has vents, but maybe the water gets in turbulences behind the vants so that it will not directly shot into the ear ... maybe ..... <BR>I already have ordered it .. thank you for your response

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