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pierce_bronkite 11-04-2003 10:27 AM

I have an 01 23V Tigé and tried wake surfing for the first time on my boat this past weekend. I put 500 pounds in the driver side locker and about 300 pounds behind the driver. Also the TAPS was at 8 The wake was great and had a blast. My question is does the prop direction for goofy footers like myself make a big difference? What are the disadvantages? Since it was my first time I wasn't sure if this ruins the wake or what? I haven't tried the opposite side yet. <BR> <BR> <BR>(Message edited by Pierce Bronkite on November 04, 2003)

trace 11-04-2003 7:20 PM

yes, prop rotation usually makes a pretty big difference. that said, from my experience Tigés have excellent surf wakes, and seem less affected by prop direction. <BR> <BR>i sometimes have trouble getting a good clean starboard surf wake out of my VLX (LH prop, like your boat). it takes probably 50% more weight on the driver side to get the same power in the wake as port side. <BR> <BR>Nautiques are the only RH rotation tourny boats, and they are cleaner &amp; easier to build on the driver side. <BR>

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