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08-16-2001 9:31 AM

So yesterday I tried an OHH and actually took it to disaster. I cut out wide and used a progressive edge. More of a mellow cut though instead of a raley cut. I wait for the pop then start to let the board go behind me while reaching for the grab but I miss the grab on account of I start rolling to blind. Then I land on my back without the rope. Am I just putting to much weight on my back foot? Or is there something to this trick that I am missing?

08-20-2001 1:59 PM

if you are rolling to your back it probably means you are trying to look at the board when you grab it. remember that you always have to look in the direction of your or into the boat. so basically keep your head up.

08-29-2001 2:15 PM

what is an OOH? it sounds kind of like a hoochie glide.

or off 08-29-2001 3:06 PM

it is, OHH stands for Other (or off) Hand Hoochie. it's a hoochie glide with your front hand instead of your back hand i think.

08-29-2001 8:36 PM

Back hand instead of front hand.

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