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08-14-2001 12:35 PM

Hey, I had tantrums down last year and then I knocked myself out on a Raley, ever since I cannot do them. I've been trying them lately and I can get the pop and everything and everybody says I'm going huge it's just that as I'm coming down I keep landing fakie.. <BR> <BR>Could anybody give me some tips on how to land it regular or should I just focus on making the handle pass and riding away fakie? <BR> <BR>Thanks guys, <BR> <BR>B

08-14-2001 1:53 PM

It sounds like you are appling your Raley cut to your Tantrum. Raley, you edge up the wake, Tantrum you edge hard but then flatten the board before the wake. If you edge up the wake you will rotate as you flip which sounds like what is happening to you. <BR>Good luck on both tricks! <BR>Steve

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