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08-13-2001 9:50 PM

Hey guys i just wanted to know wut you all thought about which grab looks the best.

08-13-2001 10:13 PM

I would have to say that a crail grab looks pretty sweet if you poke it out. but any grab can look cool if you add it to another move.

08-13-2001 10:56 PM

any grab, as long as you really tweek it out <BR> <BR>but i think methods look the best

08-14-2001 1:52 AM

Indy Nosebone or Method Westsiiiide!

08-14-2001 4:29 AM

Nuclear!!! hands down

08-14-2001 11:46 AM

stiffys are pretty tight.

looks crazy to my beginner self 08-17-2001 12:23 AM

indy stiffy, toeside method over the rope (looks crazy to my beginner self)

08-17-2001 3:05 PM

Chicken Salad

08-17-2001 3:55 PM


08-29-2001 3:24 PM

mute or indy.... <BR>what is a chicken salad!?

ie (xgirl) on Thursday, 08-30-2001 10:27 AM

Don't quote me on this but I think its like an indy grab but you reach around, behind you, then through your legs grabbing the front of your board. <BR>Seen Parks do this on an ollie then instead of grabbing the board from between his legs he grabbed the handle and landed like that. Crazy mo fo ;) <BR> <BR>Anyhow, I could be wrong on the name so someone correct me please if i'm wrong.

08-30-2001 11:21 AM

A chicken salad is a roast beef done with your hand twisted around the opposite way.A roast beef is a back hand grab between your legs to the back edge of the board..later <BR> <BR>Bill

08-30-2001 12:20 PM

I rest my case.

my spelling may be a bit off 08-31-2001 10:37 PM

Mel, your talking about a tai pan (my spelling may be a bit off) but I believe thats what your describing. Its a cool grab.

09-26-2001 10:40 PM

Check out my profile pic....how's that for a grab?

09-27-2001 3:44 PM

pretty tight grab joe

10-02-2001 3:55 PM

I like the Seat Belt that Rob Stru does. Back had across the front of the legs to the heelside edge in front of your front foot. Can you say Swwweet.

10-03-2001 10:03 AM

Sounds like a Nuclear to me.

10-14-2001 8:59 AM

I like the grabs Janet Jackson does.....

11-25-2001 10:39 AM

Melanie <BR> I'm pretty sure it was Shane calls it a Sea Horse.

11-25-2001 5:33 PM

Hey John thats called a Crail grab ,if you were to take your back hand and reach all the way accross the front of your body just to the other side of your front foot heel edge of board=Crail.Is that what you were referring too?later <BR> <BR> <BR>bill

11-30-2001 12:13 AM

I like the indy twister. Its a huge indy into the flats where you point your nose back to the wake you left so its all tweaked out. Sweeeeet! <BR>-Ken

12-12-2001 9:41 AM

hey Bill, he's speaking about the heelside edge... it is called a nuclear Dave... for the info, the seat belt is pretty much the same thing but grabbing the nose of the board with the back hand... but speaking of the best looking grab... show me a blend of a 911 and a big melan grab nearly grabbing the tail of the board...

12-13-2001 6:21 AM

The grab I was speaking of IS a chicken salad, just like bill explained. Not a tia pan and not a sea horse, but who knows what the same grab is called when done by just ollie'n and then grabbing the handle from between the legs and riding away like that? Dunno. Is that maybe the sea horse?

12-13-2001 6:50 AM

Chicken salad is a roast beef with your hand turned around ,sort of twisted.Its a back hand beteen the legs heelside edge grab with twisted wrist..I think Joe is right on Jowhs description i didnt see the edge hs part when i first read it..later <BR> <BR>bill

12-16-2001 1:52 PM

Shane's Sea Horse is a wake to wake jump mid jump he grabs the rope taking his rear hand behind and then through the legs grabbing the rope and then landing while the rope is between his legs.

12-16-2001 2:33 PM

Cool. Seen Parks do it before but not Shane.

03-06-2002 3:14 PM

Maybe this doesn't count as a grab, but a fashion air is by far the coolest trick ever. I really want to take one to blind. That would be the sickest!

03-07-2002 10:09 AM


03-17-2002 9:17 PM

FAT -B is the sh--!!!

03-22-2002 7:26 AM

A half cab nut grab to blind.

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