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shroom 08-13-2001 7:21 PM

I just went from a progressive rocker board to a 3 stage rocker (shroom). I have only ridden two evenings now, and love the board's pop, landings, and edge. The problem that I am having is trying to ollie. I had no problem with my previous board. Now I have to concentrate and work hard to get high enough to turn a quick 180 off the ollie. Half the time I end up going into a slide as I don't get high enough to turn. What am I missing here?

10-10-2001 9:16 PM

I'll take a whack at this. I went from a 38 superfly to a 37 byerly and noticed a big difference in ollie power. I't way harder to get a good ollie with the 3 stage for ME. I dont mind though as the 3 stage allowed me to do way more/better surface tricks.

10-11-2001 3:22 PM

i can ollie 360 on my premier so maybe you suck

10-11-2001 3:22 PM

j/k about the suck thing

10-12-2001 10:45 AM

I have found it easier to Ollie with a 3 stage. I think you need to consentrate on really pushing the nose down into the water. With out doing so, your your just pushing off the flat spot of the board. and ther eisn't a whole lot of leverage. That's just my theroy, so take it for what it's worth. Good luck.

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