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jetpilotrider03 10-06-2003 1:44 PM

im havin trouble w/ em...any advice..and how the hell do you do the bodyvarieal over the wake?

wakeguru 10-07-2003 1:30 PM

You'll have to grab the board to do a wake to wake body varial. <BR>Speaking of big spins, did you see that sequence of Aaron Reed in one of the latest WBM? A 3 with a blind varial. Whatever the hell that was it was sic.

jetpilotrider03 10-08-2003 1:16 PM

yeah i did...i dont know how they do some of that Sh*t..i'ts just sick as hell

electricsnow 10-13-2003 8:24 PM

that was a backside big spin.

jimmbo66 11-16-2003 1:02 PM

well i just started wakeskating i went twice and i can only ollie and 180 and sometimes body varial. But if a big spin is the same on a skate board your describig sometihng different.. on a skate board its a 180 shuvit with a body varial the opposite way

wakeguru 11-18-2003 10:15 AM

It's the same Jimmy. <BR>Aaron Reed did a shuvit 360 though with a body varial the opposite way - insane.

electricsnow 11-19-2003 6:09 PM

Jimmy, that's not a big spin (I don't remember what it's called, but grubb does what you're describing in incomplete). A bigspin can be done frontside or backside, and it's a 360 shoveit with a body varial in the same direction.

wakeguru 11-20-2003 3:08 PM

Check that last sentence Chef and think about it. Visualize it. The <u>body varial</u> can be either frontside or backside and would not always <BR>be "in the same direction". <BR>Additionally, I don't think it has to be a shuv it 3 to be called a big spinny. <BR>Many of the tricks in wakeskating have there roots in skateboarding - for obvious reasons. <BR> <BR>

electricsnow 11-20-2003 7:47 PM

I know what a big spin is and I know it comes from skateboarding. I've learned (from trick tips in tws and whatnot) that you need a 360 shove and a body varial in the same direction as the shove (ex. backside bigspin, frontside bigspin). Perhaps I didn't type that clearly. Bs bigspin= backside 360 shove with your body doing a backside spinning body varial. Look at the photo of reed in the december 2003 issue of wbm, or watch sfumato. There are bigspins all over the place. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by electricsnow on November 20, 2003)

jetpilotrider03 11-20-2003 8:49 PM

the "chef" is right..if you dont understand 'em..they are in hella vidoes..check out byerly in meternome

xtremebordgurl 11-26-2003 10:11 PM

David I think they showed Aaron's well, it might not have been Aaron but in Metronome some one pulled a 360 shuv-it with a blind 180, it was CRAZY!! Metronome is one sick vid, if U haven't seen it u gotta check it out. I think the rider may have been Daniel Lovett, or Drew... hmmm... I suppose I jus need to watch it again.. <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/biggrin.gif" border=0>

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bartush 01-19-2007 12:08 PM

Jimmy "But if a big spin is the same on a skate board your describig sometihng different.. on a skate board its a 180 shuvit with a body varial the opposite way" <BR> <BR>what your describing is called a gay twist.. shuv it body varial the other way... a big spin on a skateboard is when u 3 shuv and body varial the same direction as the board. ive been skateboarding for quite a while!<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/happy.gif" border=0>

deepcove 01-19-2007 6:43 PM

David D <BR> <BR>chef is correct...the body varial is always done in the same direction as the 360 shuv....which can be either Fs or BS.

rickinsalinas 03-05-2007 11:01 PM

If you 360 shuvit and spin your body the other way... I think it would be a tre-shuvit sex change. Kickflipping and switching your feet up is a sex change on a skateboard... so I would call it a 360 shuvit sex change. Big spin is if you spin with the board (same direction)... a Bigger Spin is if the board does a 540.

ronin 03-06-2007 8:36 AM

Heres a vid of a nice proper big spin. <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.wakeskating.com/media/showphoto.php?photo=2430&amp;cat=503" target="_blank">http://www.wakeskating.com/media/showphoto.php?photo=2430&amp;cat=503</a>

wakeriderixi 03-06-2007 12:24 PM

Chef's correct! <BR> <BR>The pop shuv with a body varial the other way I always heard, and called, a sex change. Jamie Thomas taught it to me.

sancho 04-30-2007 1:07 PM

A frontside 360 shuv w/ a bs body varial and vise versa fs3 shuv w/ bs bv is a gay twist. Big spins are 3shuvs with the body spining a 180 in the same direction as the board.

kornhouse 05-05-2007 3:44 PM

dudes almost all the stuff is just emulating skateboard tricks but its on the water and you dont get leverage off the trucks and wheels so its slightly different. and a bigspin can be done fs or bs. say your goofy stanced like me and you wanna bigspin it goes like this <BR>fs 180shuv+bs body varial= bs bigspin <BR>or bs 180shuv+fs body varial=fs bigspin

sancho 05-06-2007 7:25 PM

no no no a big spin would be a fs 360shuv+ fs body varial= fs bigspin. bs bigspin would be the exact same thing substitute bs for fs.

sancho 05-06-2007 7:28 PM

go to wakeskating.com and then to trick tips and there is an explanation of a fs bigspin. read it and get back to me.

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