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smitty98 10-06-2003 9:57 AM

I'm trying to put together a series of clips with background music etc and put it back on the camera. That way i can plug to the vcr and make copies for people. <BR> <BR>Camera used = Canon PowerShot A70 (still pretending to be a vid cam) <BR> <BR>I have a card reader writer, and can easily put unedited movies taken from the camera and put them back on. However, i am having trouble with putting edited movies back on the camera (CF wither writer) that i have edited. <BR> <BR>I am using Adobe Premiere 6.5. I kept getting curropted data and invalid format. Is there a certain codec/compression or anything that i have to use to make it compatable? (hopefully with Adobe Premiere to save double exporting of the video) <BR> <BR>Has anyone put any edited video's back on there camera, if so what software and how did you do it?

blackandblue 10-07-2003 8:21 AM

I've done it. I used Microsoft Movie Maker (it comes standard with Windows XP) and a digital video camera. Worked just fine for me. I recommend upgrading to moviemaker 2 (free on the MS website) and lots of memory in the computer if you want to keep the quality up.

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