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mattbob 10-06-2003 5:44 AM

This weekend I was trying my first 360 but things went very wrong. As soon as I left the wake I reached for the handle pass, but while reaching I was leaning forward. All of a sudden I was upside down and spinning. Fearing the worst I let go of the handle but I landed on the board. <BR>Basically what I did was a healside front flip with a 360. <BR>What is that trick called? <BR>I might try it again with the handle. <BR>This accident did give me the idea to try a front flip which I landed my second try. I think it is easier than a backroll (my only other trick). The only hard part is that you can't spot your landing on a front flip.

blind5 10-06-2003 6:41 AM

slim chance (front mobe) <BR> <BR>go for it, can't hurt, but it would help if you had your 3 down first

mattbob 10-06-2003 7:31 AM

Thanks Rob. <BR>The name is fitting. There is a "slim chance" that I'll ever land it. <BR>I've landed 3's by wraping the handle but I get off axis when I try to pass the handle. <BR>Any advice.

west_sider1 10-06-2003 8:37 AM

I used to always go off axis too, but what i did was i would wait till i was in the highest part of my jump to pass the handle. When you do this, you have more time to pass it, and grab. Just look towards the horizon to not go off axis. I would say that the slim chance you did was just luck, so i would just try to land the 3 before you goo off doin that

sunsport 10-06-2003 8:41 AM

Matt, <BR>you might be throwing them too soon. That is what happens to me when I throw them too early and the front edge of the board catches the wake. You ever try them off of other boat wakes. This seems easier for me then doing them off of the boat's wake. <BR> <BR>Skiing made me board, <BR>Lyle <BR>Chrome Dome Industries

ty540 10-07-2003 3:21 AM

Lyle is correct. When you´re learning 3´s, spinning late is key. If you try to spin early, you´ll get worked.

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