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goinbigg17 10-03-2003 4:19 PM

I am trying to get a clothing compant started right now and am wondering if I need to get a license for when I first start out or not. If anyone has any expierience with this please e-mail me or post here.

zipe 10-04-2003 3:13 AM

Ficticious name filing from county office. <BR>Business license from local city hall. <BR>Resale license from state office if your gonna sell something. <BR> <BR>About $150.00 in total fees and whala, you are a real business. That is the basics in California anyway. <BR> <BR>It is usually pretty simple to start a business. Check with your local Small Business Administration. They always have free info on how to get started to be a legit business. I have done it several times in Cali and my record is 4 hours from first office to set up as a legit business with PO box, phone, bank account, and all licenses in place. <BR> <BR>

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