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gnil 10-03-2003 5:57 AM

Hi <BR>I' m writing from Switzerland, where the season is geting to an end..... Waiting now for the snow!!!! <BR>But alredy thinking about season 04.... and what board to get ??? <BR>Has anyone tryed the TDF 04 ? what do you think of it? The sizes are bad.... 136 is mall, 142 is big ( I weigh 160 lbs) <BR>And what about the Temet... seems a good board..?? <BR>bye <BR>

blind5 10-03-2003 9:29 AM

i weight 175 and ride a 136 belmont and acually like the size. next year i am probably going to ride the 136 TFD but havn't riden one yet. <BR> <BR> do you have a local shop that will let you demo a board? that is the best thing to do so that you know that <u>you</u> like the board before <u>you</u> buy it. you can't tell if you like it if someone else says that they like it.

goinbigg17 10-03-2003 2:04 PM

i have ridden both the TFD 136 and 142, the 136 i feel gives me more pop and allows me to go bigger with my tricks. But the 142 is alot easier to land with. I am actually riding the Temet tonight tonight, although it is only a prototype its in the belmont 136 graphics. So i wont know about actual sizes on that. But the TFD definately is a sweet board, I would recomend getting it, other than that there will be more tomorrow morning or late tonight.

xtremebordgurl 10-03-2003 8:13 PM

The 04 TFD is the same as the 03, so if you have any experience with the 03 then you're all set.

goinbigg17 10-03-2003 9:10 PM

well i rode the Temet here tonight, water wasn't to bad for being October in Washington. I wasn't a big fan of it though which kinda sucks. It was really slow feeling to me, and I could not feel any pop with it at all, even though from my spectators in the boat, I was told that I was going bigger than I normally do. Definately ride it though before you buy it if it is possible.

gnil 10-04-2003 2:28 AM

Thanks for your inputs....... <BR>I can' t try the boards at the shop as they only keep new ones!!!! <BR>I have been riding an Liquid Force Evo and think to bay the TFD... maybe in 142 ???? ( I am intermediate) <BR>If anyone else could give me some more comments about these 2 boards, I' ll apreciate a lot. <BR>Later

mb_girl 10-04-2003 7:37 PM

I ride a 136 TFD &amp; my husband rides a 142 TFD - very good board. Up until a week ago I was on an '01 Drifter, &amp; compared to that the TFD feels much more solid on landings. It really tracks well, is a pretty fast board (although not as fast as my old Drifter), is confidence-inspiring, &amp; when I'm edging off the wake correctly I get good pop. My husband rode an Evo today &amp; he said that the 2 boards are totally different. He said that the Evo releases better off the wake, but is almost too sticky in the water - it hooks up on its edge really hard compared with the TFD. Neither of us have ridden the Temet so I can't comment on that one, but if it's like the Belmont series it will probably be a looser feeling board than the TFD. Just my .02.

absolutofft 10-05-2003 2:14 AM

If you are 160lbs you should get the 136

joe_788 10-05-2003 8:33 AM

Earlier this year I bought a leftover 2002 Drifter DNA (136). I wieghed 165 at the time, and now I fluctuate between 175-180. It really is too small. Occasionally on backrolls, the board will just break through the wake instead of ramping up it (I'm too fat). I want to find a new or slightly used Project DNA (Same as Drifter, but 142). <BR> <BR>The Drifter is really my favorite board ever, but since the TFD is it's replacement, maybe it's worth a shot. Tracie, did your husband own the Project before the TFD 142?

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