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wakeworld 10-02-2003 4:55 PM

On our last trip I ran over a huge piece of tire on the freeway. Luckily, it didn't do any damage to the boat or trailer, but it left a four-foot skid mark down the side of my nice, white trailer. Any ideas for getting it off?

liveoz 10-02-2003 6:02 PM

David, <BR> <BR>Wear some gloves and use break fluid. I would check a small area underneath to make sure there won't be any issues with the paint. <BR> <BR>I found out by accident that break fluid can clean almost anything on my white trailer, including tire marks.

walt 10-02-2003 6:23 PM

Try Rubbing Compound I think brake fluid will take the paint off

bandit33 10-03-2003 8:35 AM

Yes, I would think that brake fluid would damage the paint. You might try acetone; available at hardware or paint stores. It removes a lot of stuff harmlessly. I would still test it first though as the labels always say....

leggester 10-03-2003 8:46 AM

Don't get teh Acetone near any plastic parts, like light fixtures, it'll eat the plastic pretty badly.

wannagowakin 10-03-2003 1:21 PM


fox 10-03-2003 1:38 PM

Sounds funny but use a deck shoe or K-swiss style white sole shoe and scuff it along the mark. Should take the black right off. Works on the floor anyway. <BR> <BR>Eric

10-03-2003 1:42 PM

Brake fluid will not remove the paint (unless you just painted the thing 10 minutes ago).

markb 10-03-2003 2:19 PM

The only place my old trailer was rusted was where the the brake fluid spilled out so I'd be a little leary of using it.

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