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evan_park 10-02-2003 5:17 PM

Hey ive been skatin for not real long off and on more latly but not alot but i got my mom to take for video of me last weekand and i saw me on my shuv attemps and i land with my feet right at the back and with them right to getter so the board just flys out from under me <BR> <BR>help!

blabel 10-09-2003 6:27 PM

Try to picture in your mind where your feet need dto go on the landing and focus on that during the trick. It helps me to stomp the board down as opposed to waiting for your body to land on the board. Those two tips have helped me.

ty540 10-10-2003 4:59 AM

Also realize that board usually will not stay right underneath you. So if you usually kick the board away from you, think about jumping in that direction as well. It depends on the kind of shuvit it is, but if you do what Blabelmooch says the above sort of happens naturally. Good luck!

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