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dustin313 10-02-2003 2:42 PM

does anyone know the difference between regular speakers and marine speakers? I am looking to replace my tower speakers. (just the speakers) Can this be done or do i need all new tubbies?

noneya 10-02-2003 3:53 PM

You can do it yourself (of course it depends on how the cans are constructed if you can physically remove the drivers or not). Just make sure you get speakers with all poly cones, no paper and you should be fine.

propkiller 10-02-2003 5:17 PM

My stereo shop told me as long as you stick with components that have gold contacts/connections you will be ok to use in a wet environment. Something about gold not rusting.

sickboy 10-03-2003 10:00 AM

How often do you get water on your tower speakers?

captainfreedom 10-03-2003 11:23 AM

All the time in the Northwest if it is raining out. We use biminis up here for rain, not for sun.

dustin313 10-03-2003 4:42 PM

cool thanks sounds like a project this winter

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