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dlockett99 10-01-2003 1:39 AM

I know it problably has been discussed before, but i couldnt find it. Do the late 80s nautiques have wooden floors and stringers?? and what is a good way to check the stringers before buying??

lucky 10-01-2003 5:42 AM

Yes, they are wood. Lift the engine box and visually check for the stringers if you able too see them there could be some major laminate problems. Also try turning the bolts that mount the engine to stringers if they turn easily or do not tighten that is also a sign of problems. I am no expert but those are two quick checks. If you feel soft spots in the floor that does not neccessarily mean a problem. If you think there is a problem there probably is. Probably not too helpful, but the best I know.

jdreiser 10-01-2003 9:05 AM

Pull up the engine box and the section of the floor that covers the driveshaft. Carefully examine the integrity of the visible stringers. If the fiberglass is beginning to laminate, be careful. If there are cracks in the fiberglass covering the stringers look for black wood or moisture in the cracks. Take a pen knife and insert into the cracks to check how hard the wood is and if you can detect any moisture. Any black wood is dry rot. If there is some, it may be an issue of determining the extent. You can't really find this without tearing out the floor, but water had a tendency to pool under the driver's seat where it eventually will rot the stringer. I know when I pulled my floor, that was where the majority of water and damage was at and I have heard similar stories. Great boats though!

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