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malibususpect 09-30-2003 4:38 PM

do you guys and/or gals recommend a different size fin for the 03 cwb absolute platinum? i know the 04 comes with .75" and 1.3" fins. the 03 comes with 1" fins. i think a slighty larger one would be needed for choppy water. what do you think? <BR>thanks

typhoon 10-01-2003 6:28 AM

really choppy i use the chicklets and they are killer.

jarrod 10-01-2003 7:24 AM

I had bigger fins on it and it felt much slower to me. Felt like it wouldn't release off the wake.

blabel 10-01-2003 8:54 AM

Not sure about bigger, but I was thinking about getting a hold of the .75" inch fins to put on my 03. Finless is too loose for me but the stock fins are a little on the sticky side.

typhoon 10-01-2003 8:59 AM

Brian, <BR>do you rid the 02 or the 03?

blabel 10-01-2003 9:02 AM

03' <BR> <BR>I had 1.25 inch Rainbows on my 02.

typhoon 10-01-2003 9:05 AM

i ride that 1.0 vvelocity on the 03 and like it. never tried it without fins though.

blabel 10-01-2003 9:08 AM

Which one is the Velocity?

typhoon 10-01-2003 9:09 AM

i think it is stock...g-force velocity fin or something like that. it is a 1.0 inch.

blabel 10-01-2003 9:14 AM

Gotya, that's what I have right now.

typhoon 10-01-2003 9:16 AM

kind of a long base with a notched tail...i think .7-1.0 inch?

absoluteboarder 10-01-2003 5:57 PM

I ride mine with the front fin removed....still sticks on regular riding but is nice and loose on surface tricks...can spin 540's with ease.

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