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mtb1981 09-30-2003 10:33 AM

By law, in the state of Wisconsin, any lake under 50 acres is a "Slow No Wake" lake. The lake the Lauderdale Ski Team performs on happens to fall into this category. Recently, the DNR has received complaints regarding the ski team and has enforced the "Slow No Wake" law. <BR> <BR>In support of the Lauderdale Ski Team, the city of Elkhorn, Wisconsin has proposed the no wake rule be waived on the lake the ski team uses. <BR> The site has not only hosted the Lauderdale Lakes Ski Team for years, but has also been the site of some very successful NSL events and has <BR>the potential to support the Wisconsin State 3-Event Championships. <BR> <BR>The DNR is reviewing the petition and will accept written support of the waiver via email TODAY ONLY!. Please take a moment to support your fellow water skiers and write a short email in support of the "Slow No Wake" waiver. Email Mr. Lacenski in the DNR Bureau of Law Enforcement at <a href="mailto:john.lacenski@dnr.state.wi.us">john.l acenski@dnr.state.wi.us</a>. <BR>Thank you for your time! <BR>

columbiatch 09-30-2003 2:32 PM

You got it, I sent one.

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