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tantrum999 09-29-2003 11:52 AM

i dont know if i am the first as ive never seen it done. nicknamed a cosmosis. same trick as a grabbed osmosis (front hand, shifty) but spin the handle in the air in front of you then catch it. its easier than you think if you can already let go. i found it easy because as it spins it stays on an axis. <BR> <BR>if its a regular trick then pretend you never saw this post! <BR> <BR>good fun and loots cheeky! give it a go

deepstructure 09-29-2003 12:07 PM

i believe osmosis only refers to when you let go/pick up the handle <i>on a spin.</i> it's a suicide if you do it on a wakejump - or any non-spin trick apparently as andrew adkinson does a suicide raley and was working on a suicide 313 (yes the 313 involves a spin, but the letgo/pickup of the handle is done during the raley part). <BR> <BR>but i've never seen anyone spin the handle when they do a suicide. that's pretty cool. but you'll have to come up with another name. <BR> <BR>like suicide prestidigitation? ;)

tantrum999 09-29-2003 2:41 PM

Ah christopher, thought you may join in on this. i was getting bord of no new threads so just racked my brains to get one going. Yes the name is wrong but to be honest, like grabs i can do them all but not a clue what 90%are called! <BR> <BR> I would like to see a 5 or a raley with the handle spun as it looks wicked. i think this will get out and you will see the pros doing this one. i have been doing it on my grabs shiftys. It is actually easier i think as the handle has its own "orbit" and of course spinning it will meet your hand better. found that about 1 and a half or two rotations seems best. just put your hand back out and its there. i did have an mpeg of when i first started them a year or two ago. if i find it i will post it or try getting a camera out with me again. <BR> <BR>incidentally i find these tricks alot easier behind the boat and not on the double up. think its to do with height and angle. <BR>ps.uk water is getting cold! <BR> <BR>(Message edited by tantrum999 on September 29, 2003)

deepstructure 09-29-2003 3:13 PM

i agree, i wish there would be more traffic in this forum. <BR> <BR>definitely get some video up here -i'd love to see it! i've only tried a couple of suicides and im not at all comfortable with 'em yet. i keep forgetting to try them. as i've said before, just so much stuff to work on! <BR> <BR>which way do you spin the handle - in the direction you're going or reverse? <BR> <BR>now you know what would be seriously cool? a suicide tantrum! haha. theorectically possible...

tantrum999 09-29-2003 7:49 PM

spin the handle anti clockwise and im goofy, yes think same direction. its 3 am here and trying to work it out. boarding wednesday so i will try to take the trick to blind. but i think that alot but dont try. its a long way to blind after spinning it. <BR> <BR>one main key is shoulders and head back at the peak. it is far easier than most people think. i just though.... wonder if its possible toeside???? maybe too much tension but maybe half way through a 180. gotto try that. <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR>

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