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stitch 09-28-2003 11:27 PM

I'm a slalom skier tryin' my hand at wakeboarding. I've borrowed a board from a friend (2001 Hyperlite Cruiser) to test out, but don't know what the hell I'm looking for in a good beginner to intermediate board. Don't know if I should buy this one (or how much it's worth or where to look for "blue book prices) or what everyone recommends. I've gotten up a couple times and crossed over wakes a few times, but it still feels squirrely. Any recommendations? <BR> <BR>

wakeguru 09-29-2003 6:51 AM

Buy a used board at first to see if you want to get serious about it. New boards aren't cheap. <BR>As far as what type of board...there are so many good boards by many different manufacturers out there these days. The 04' lineup for many companies is just sic. Obviously, it might be tough to find a used 04', but either way get something that has some molded in fins on the bottom or a board with at least 4 - 6 fins total for a little extra tracking ability. Also, it's better to have a board that is too big than too small.

cas 09-29-2003 8:08 AM

I started out on a 03 Hyperlite Belmont 141. It tracks really nice with being to aggresive. It is pretty forgiven and it is pretty easy to get out of the water, for surface slides and spins. If you can get one of these, for a fair price, you will have a board, you can have fun with the next couple of years <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/happy.gif" border=0>

stitch 09-30-2003 10:07 PM

Thanks guys...does anyone know of a "bluebook" type of site for wakeboards?

melvinator 10-01-2003 8:47 AM

Hey John for a "bluebook" ballpark price you could check these classifieds or ebay for a high/low price. I use an old trip 138 for a boat board and is great for beginers since it has 3 fins on each end. An older Liquid Force rythem is also a good smooth forgiving board that you can pick up very cheap. Like Casper said too, you can't go wrong with any belmont they are very smmoth and forgiving.

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