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08-08-2001 9:19 PM

Hey...i am just getting into the sport. I've been riding for 4 weeks off and on and am starting to throw out wake to wake 180's and 360's and am ready to start my first rolls. either way i was wondering what is the best specs for riding. how long is your rope? i have a 4 foot pylon and am boarding behind a minimal wake boat. what speed should i try? i am riding a complete byerly set up...byerly 137 with byerly boots. i heard the byerly has the best pop and most air and so i was quick to purchase one. I also ride right foot forward and was wondering when coming in heelside should i spin clockwise or counterclockwise? also i cant ollie to save my life. was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to ollie. and i cant seem to ride switch either i find it much easier to land the 3 than to ride out the 180. anyway just looking for some help and damn the off season is gonna blow. all i think about is wakeboarding anymore. thanks for the help.

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