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08-08-2001 4:15 PM

Ok, once and for all is it an "Air Raley" or "Air Railey"? Ive heard it both ways, seen it both ways in type and heard the origin of the name explained both ways. <BR> <BR>One explanation is the tricks creator "Chet?" Railey named it. Another is that its named for the fact that your board looks like the spoiler on a raley sprint car. <BR> <BR>Lets hear it.... <BR> <BR>Mark

08-08-2001 5:55 PM

Chet Raley is the guys name who named it.His last name is Raley so thats where it came from.He gave Darin S the idea of doing them behind the boat after he saw Darin doing them on the cable.So its called an Air Raley Raley for short..later <BR> <BR>Bill

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