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08-08-2001 2:38 PM

I can not ride switch for my life. I tried somany times and cant even get up or even close to getting up. Any advice would help alot.

08-08-2001 10:14 PM

Steve -- I don't think there is any particular trick to it that anyone can say. Focus on the same things that you do when riding normal. Handle at hip, handle at hip, handle at hip. My friend has trouble riding switch. He does ok until that handle starts coming up to a ski position and then the board tries to turn sideways. If you are keeping handle down, then your weight distribution may be too far back. Try to keep it as even as you do when riding normal. One other thing, then I will shut up. Are your bindings far enough apart with toes slightly out on both of them?

left 08-09-2001 9:31 PM

At first I let go with my back hand and put that hand on my back(left) thigh when I started getting getting unbalanced. I try to ride switch every time I go out. Once you get comfortable riding switch you can land 180's much easier. Just keep trying, it almost feels like your learning all over again but you'll get it pretty quick.

08-10-2001 10:38 AM

Getting up switch is the easiestway to learn it. It isn't something that comes easy to everyone. The more you do it, the more you get comfortable with it. When you get up, just pull the handle to the other hip and let the boat turn you around to the switch position. Hang in there, it does get easier.

08-14-2001 5:31 PM

try getting up your regular stance and do a surface 180 to switch, it feels totally different when you ride switch and you kinda need to learn more foward on the board than the back like usual and just relax. i am still practicing on riding switch.

08-17-2001 10:23 AM

If you try what Ryan said, try to do the 180 as soon as you get up. The water will be full of air and your fins will not be grabbing it yet, so turning will be easier. Make sure your bindings are set the same. I ride with mine perpendicular to the board, but some ride with them turned out a little. Just make sure that both are turned the same amount.

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