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08-07-2001 4:19 PM

How close is too close to the boat? I keep getting the crappy end of a crappy wake behind my dad's jet. Maybe if I shorten my rope....?

08-07-2001 4:41 PM

I surf my longboard safely at 3-6 foot off the step. I don't have one of them fire hoses spraying in my face either. <BR> <BR>Pretty sad wake on most jet boats. They can put out fires on shore though. <BR> <BR>Phil

08-17-2001 3:12 PM

jet boats tend to put out a crappy wake. Try going at different speeds and watch the wake to figure out when it's clean. Once you know what speed makes the best wake, you can drop the rope out the back of the boat. When the handle reaches the clean part of the wake, that's the length to try. Hopefully it'll be in the 50' - 65' range. You don't want to be too close to the back of a jet boat cuz the jet makes a very turbulent wake. <BR> <BR>Hope this helps!

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