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calawho 09-20-2003 9:23 AM

Maeghan just sold me a 2003 closeout board/ binding package for a STEAL!!! I ordered online a 2003 Parks 138 with Parks Bindings for $560.00 out the door. ($259.00 each). It showed up with some free swag from her shop and an autographed picture! I love calling those guys!

bobbymucic 10-02-2003 3:13 PM

I was looking for a deal on bindings..Trinity had it....2003 belmont bindings for $240..shipped. Great customer service..I am looking forward to getting them. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by bobbymucic on October 02, 2003)

noneya 10-02-2003 3:50 PM

Yeah got a video from em and they hooked me up w/ some shwag too! Really helpful and friendly

calawho 10-03-2003 6:46 AM

Now if I could get her to sell me a Mastercraft for that kind of deal I would be stoked.

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