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08-06-2001 1:57 PM

I have been reading through tricks on the list and heli tricks keep coming up. What is a heli exactly? Also, are Heli 360s easier than a handle pass 360?

08-06-2001 2:08 PM

Also, I could use some tips on how to do a heli.

08-06-2001 6:23 PM

Hey steven <BR> <BR>Heli refers to any type of 360 rotation off the wake. This can be wrapped or handle pass, regular or blind. The only 360's that arent heli are bunny hops, and surface 360's. Most people dont really use heli in the descriptions anymore though. Ride on man. <BR> <BR>Robby Rentfrow

08-06-2001 6:32 PM

Thanks man, that makes sense now.

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