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columbiatch 09-14-2003 1:08 PM

So it looks like NBC is showing gravity games every sunday for the next 7 weeks. Does anyone know when wakeboarding will be on?

dirwoody 09-14-2003 1:32 PM

good question, nothing but motorcorss today

patoloco 09-14-2003 8:54 PM

If it's like past years, they will compress the entire wakeboard competition into a 5 minute, mtv like, segment with an announcer who simply states who came in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd....and then we will see 8 hours dedicated to the ever-moronic downhill luge and all it's "drama".

nj_alex 09-22-2003 7:49 PM

Scott: This Saturday, September 27, NBC channel 4 at 5:00pm. I think...

cjsuperfly 09-23-2003 5:05 PM

omg i hate downhill luge, the worst part is, they think its so great and people love it. same with how they never show womens events

krug 09-23-2003 6:09 PM

they have not shown any wakeboarding in the last two years. the coverage of the gravity games is a joke. i will not watch, it only gets me more mad every year. I e-mailed nbc sports last year, letting them know how disrespectfull it would be to bump wakeboarding for street luge, after the death of Mark Kenney. but the did not seem to care.

solo 09-23-2003 6:19 PM

Saturdays NBC coverage is of Nationals/Vans Triple Crown last month in IN.

columbiatch 09-28-2003 1:26 PM

They showed some womens footage today. Only the top three riders in finals. It was a pretty big joke. Did anyone else see this? Did they show men's too? <BR> <BR>It seems wakeboarding is just filler material when they couldn't get enough dirt bike interviews.

bwood 09-28-2003 1:42 PM

No thay did not show the men.The coverage is a joke, thay showed the women for like 10 min. and bmx for 1hr.20min.

ryan_shima1 09-28-2003 4:27 PM

At least it was better then the 2 minute highlight reel they did last year. Not sure when the men will be shown yet.

pikeax 09-29-2003 1:09 PM

I saw a commercial saying mens wb will be on this weekend coming up

rootc 09-29-2003 1:22 PM

I saw the womens runs. I was super choppy. Copeland killed it. <BR> <BR>Krug - "I e-mailed nbc sports last year, letting them know how disrespectfull it would be to bump wakeboarding for street luge, after the death of Mark Kenney" <BR> <BR>I don't get get it. How is it disrespectful? That statement doesn't make any sense to me.

wakeguru 09-29-2003 1:28 PM

I saw a little of Saturday's coverage of Nationals. Ruck and Watkins sets. The announcer didn't know any of the tricks though. <BR>Oh well, still cool to see our sport on national tv.

wakeboard_iraq 09-29-2003 2:22 PM

I dont like it but I kind of understand. Even here in Cali 4 out of 5 people dont know what wakeboarding is and even fewer will ever have access to it even if they wanted to. However, everybody has a bicycle (which lends itself to motorcycles and downhill BMX) and everybody either had or has access to a skateboard and has sat on it going down a hill which allows them to relate to luge. Further, everybody has or had roller skates or roller blades which relates to those events. <BR> <BR>Like I said, I dont like it but I understand why those that choose what goes on the air dont choose wakeboarding. People dont know what it is and have no way of relating to it. <BR> <BR>On a related note: I know that Mark Kenney died in his sleep - but what did he die from?

jarrod 09-29-2003 2:29 PM

Allergic reaction to the painkillers was the last I heard.

krug 09-29-2003 9:25 PM

rootc, i just thought a young guy like that coming in and winning that tournament, that was probably a high point in his life and it didnt air on tv. I think he died right after that.

rootc 09-30-2003 5:36 AM

I understand what you saying now.

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