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08-05-2001 8:44 PM

Howz it going ive been boarding for about six months and im pretty good i can land all my grabs solid as im not to keen on spins but ive been trying to land a backroll but keep landing on my stoach can you help me.

serious boarding 02-10-2002 4:41 PM

i have been boarding (serious boarding) for about 6 months too, and i can do a tantrum, and i almost got the air raley. I have trouble w/the back roll too. My problem is i over-rotate, i land and my board slides out. it sounds like you just need to make a more agressive cut and load the line. it will help you get more speed on your rotation.

you have to load the line well for this one 02-18-2002 1:54 PM

the key is patience... let your board go up the wake, feel the pop under your feet(you have to load the line well for this one)... and then throw your hips up... pull the handle to your lead hip to stop the rotation and land... if you can't go for a regular backroll, try it mexican(bend a little at the waist to go more rail over rail instead of tip over tail)... that way you'll be ready for backroll to blind and KGB...

more aggressive cut 02-28-2002 1:36 PM

couple of tips on backrolls: <BR> <BR>Rotation speed depends on where your hands are, if you can take the rolls huge and you want to lay them out and rotate slow, then let your arms out, but for people just learning the trick and not quite making it around you need to have your hands close in to your waste as you leave the wake. Try to hold them in there throughout the whole rotation, it will be tuff, but this is what will help you make it all the way around and land on the board. If you are landing on the board but it is sliding out from under you, try taking it a little bigger (more aggressive cut) and letting your arms out as you finish the rotation, you can easily over rotate if it is big, the key is to have enough time to spot the landing about 3/4 the way around and then slow down the rotation and set the board down perfectly standing up straight-without having to butt-check the water. <BR> <BR>Hope this helps

no instruction 04-19-2002 3:24 PM

Johnathan i see you said about flipping rail over rail? i did this many times, not because i needed to do something different it is just i didnt know how to do a roll (no instruction) i hurt myself bad hyper extending my back because the board never came off! i was cutting too hard also. Now i am a wuss and need to do something to over come my fear of getting hurt. what type of invert does anyone suggest to do first???? i can do evry 18 and 360 s with shifts and grabs going big but i need to do my inverts! help

04-19-2002 4:22 PM

Does anyone suggest a wakeskate for learning inverts? as i said in my last message i done my back then trashed the ankle. im ok now but need advice

04-20-2002 9:06 PM

go for either a tantrum or a backroll. i would say the backroll is easier. the hardest part for most people is combining all the things needed for the flip. for a backroll make a good progressive edge from about 15 ft out all the way through the wake, and when hitting the peak of the wake i usually pop, which isn't really necessary, but it helps and looks better. after that just throw the board out from under you, and i think the key is to hold on w/two hands the whole time

05-01-2002 3:51 PM

The easiest way it you will feel a tug on the rope about halfway through your rotation. Tug back on it at this point and that will solve your problem.

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