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08-03-2001 2:37 PM

i need 2 get get more air i can get 15 feet on a really good day but i want more any advice!!!!

08-15-2001 8:43 PM

15 feet ur a bullsfitter!

08-15-2001 10:08 PM

yeah there isnt a way ur getting that much air! If you are how many knee surgeries have u had

08-18-2001 9:48 AM

maybe he means 15 feet horizontally...there is no wait he's going 15 straight up

09-02-2001 12:55 PM

parks doesnt even get 15 feet unless he is on the cables

10-26-2001 6:24 AM

i have got an old pic of Gator going 16-18 feet without a cable .

10-26-2001 2:10 PM

post it, thats insane

10-27-2001 1:05 AM

i will try to find it ,it was in an old wakeboarding mag it was when he rode the waketech 69. thats probably why he had 2 major knee surgeries.

10-27-2001 6:45 AM

Ive been out with guys going over 15ft off of Double ups and these guys arent pros ,a friend can do backrolls about 10ft + off the doubleups so im sure the pros can go mwell over that at least off the DUP..later heres murray hes at least 15ft in an old pic i got form him.. <BR> <BR><IMG SRC="http://wakeworld.com/discus/messages/3184/11091.jpg" ALT="murray">

10-27-2001 7:54 AM

what is an eggroll

10-28-2001 6:29 PM

Who cant get 15+ feet off the double up !! Pro or not.

10-31-2001 11:28 AM

an eggroll is an air trick. I think Zane schwenk named it. i can't remember if it is a scarecrow or a frontroll, though. I know it is an air trick for sure.

10-31-2001 1:56 PM

bill, that is a PHAT picture of murray!!!!

maybe even a triple up 11-01-2001 8:24 AM

I have a picture of some guy on a liqued force super squirt doing a hoochie glide and the photographer said he had to be over 20 feet. I t was off a double-up(maybe even a triple up) in a sequence photo in WBM. I don't remember the guys name but at the end of the sequence in the on the landing this guy realy lolks like he's getting punished. I am skepticle though of it being 20 feet but it was big.

11-01-2001 8:25 AM

Oh yea, and I think an eggroll is like a wrapped fruitloop or something like that.

11-02-2001 12:40 PM

i think your talking about that pic in WBM of Rob Reid, it was huge

11-08-2001 8:18 AM

by the way, the eggroll is a no wake scarecrow. I just checked the trick list here on wakeworld.

11-12-2001 1:32 PM

wow, he can get 15 feet in the air with no wake, impressive, haha

12-19-2001 4:46 PM


12-19-2001 4:48 PM

Here's a pic of my bro hittin the doubleup. <BR>Ya gotta look close. He's a monkey in a tree. <BR>Juan Carreon on a LiquidForce Trip 138 <BR><IMG SRC="http://wakeworld.com/discus/messages/3184/12219.gif" ALT="Hoochie">

01-02-2002 11:21 AM

That sequence in wakeboardboard magazine was of Rob Reid it was the biggest thing that i have seen ever, i wish the photographer would of not zoomed in as much, so we could get a better perspective on how high he was. <BR> <BR>-Evan

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