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08-02-2001 8:05 PM

alright i just bought a new wakeboard! first time this weekend ever on a wakeboard! so tell me in the simplest way to get some air! oh yeah my dads boat is a 24 foot mach1 so its not a ski boat and you hook the rope on the back of the boat will this effect getting any air at all or will it just be alittle harder to get air?

knees bent 08-03-2001 7:06 AM

The best way to get air is to edge into the wake in a squated position (knees bent). When you get to the wake and begin to ride up it, you stand tall (don't try to jump, just stand) and let the wake do the rest. Keep tension on the line as you do this, and don't come off the edge when you stand tall (lean away from the boat as you stand). To answer the other question, having the rope off the back of the boat will effect how much air you get. The lower the rope attaches to the boat, the less air you will get. I have mine on my pylon which is about 4 feet off the water. I noticed a difference when I got the pylon compared to tying it to the back of the boat. The higher the rope, the more air you wil get.

an 18 ft doral 09-03-2001 7:07 PM

i have my rope tied to the back of the boat (an 18 ft doral)(for now) about one foot off and i can still get 5-6 feet ... takes a hard cut though. but a tower or pilon definately helps out alot. <BR> <BR>well hope i helped. <BR>asher

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