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fukendup 09-05-2003 3:22 PM

guys checks this new board out on wakeboarder.com

fukendup 09-05-2003 3:23 PM

here it is <BR><a href="http://forums.wakeboarder.com/viewtopic.php?t=13398" target="_blank">http://forums.wakeboarder.com/viewtopic.php?t=13398</a>

forum25 09-05-2003 6:19 PM

yea its the new mutiny board! nice eh? the mutiny family did a god job of puttin together a new board...i'd for sure like to check it out!

cmawsr 09-05-2003 7:44 PM

the future is here

wakeguru 09-10-2003 6:47 AM

My guess is there working their arses off to fill some demand and it'll be a good while before they hit the streets - hopefully not, but I'm pessamistic about new companies in this industry. <BR>It looks hot, I sure hope the quality control is in place and that it holds up cause I think I'd like to get me one.

smellyt 09-10-2003 12:10 PM

That board looks hella sick!!!!!

cmawsr 09-10-2003 3:35 PM

Mutiny is not a new company. Last i heard they would be available after expo

wakeguru 09-11-2003 6:06 AM

Yeah, I know, but if they can't fill demand they might as well be. I'm a skeptic, don't let me rain on the parade. <BR>Drop me a PM in you've got the inside track to picking up a Perserverance and want to spread the love.

hatepwcs 09-12-2003 5:50 PM

Mutiny was around in like '97 , 98. they used to make sick wakeboards.

baschralper 09-13-2003 3:26 PM

Mutiny is far from being a new company in this industry. Erich Schmaltz has been designing sick boards for years now. <BR>I would'nt worry about them not being able to keep up with the demands for the boards. They have a kick arse factory that can pump those things out...stay tuned!! You'll be seeing them very shortly!! ///

wakeguru 09-15-2003 7:09 AM

If Mutiny's wakeboards were so sic, where are they now.....you've got to swim with the big fish or get out the water. <BR>Alright, I'm not a hater nor am I trying to start an argument here and I know Erich has been around since the beginning, and is currently designing good skates - bla bla bla <BR>From what I hear, he wasn't even at the surf expo. Maybe they want to stay underground and be the best kept secret in wakeskating, but that isn't going to sustain a company who wants to design cutting edge skates. <BR>OK, maybe I'm being a little harsh, but if they don't step to the plate quick they'll lose out.

wakeguru 09-15-2003 7:58 AM

I was a bit negative there. <BR>I hope you guys at Mutiny can put it all together cause I for one am tired of seeing the same old companies leading the way. The wakeskate industry is ripe for some innovation. That new Perserverance is really tech and I hope it works out. <BR>

nautiqu13 09-15-2003 4:51 PM

David, <BR>They were at expo, Erich kicks ass, the board is so sweet I make love to it, and if you ever want to ride it, let me know, Im usually on Ivanhoe. <BR> <BR>SEAMAN

wakeguru 09-16-2003 10:54 AM

OK I did hear that Erich was there. <BR>The skates that he did have were spoken for. <BR>I'm dying to try it. <BR>I'll drop you a PM Seaman.

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