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08-01-2001 6:16 PM

I am working on a 360 and was wondering which direction i should spin. Is it easier ot go frontside or backside. This is on a heelside. <BR>Is a toeside 3 easier? <BR>I ride reg.

08-01-2001 11:08 PM

Backside HS 3 is easiest to learn first... <BR> <BR>Never landed one...but thats what I've read and heard others say... <BR> <BR>H

08-02-2001 11:01 AM

Yo Chris, <BR> <BR>On the 360, try heelside first. Concentrate on getting a good jump first. It is important to not throw your body to get the spin. Once you go up with your jump, be sure you are on balance, and then just twist enough to get your hand on the rope behind your back. Once you get the rope, the boat will pull you around the rest of the way. Trying to throw your body to spin is not the way to go. I tried that a lot, and could get around, but was always off balance on the landing. I've been trying it all summer, and am kinda getting consistent with that technique. Hope it helps. Be sure to get the handle!

08-02-2001 12:16 PM

Thanks a lot for helping me w/ this <BR> <BR> <BR>Chris

08-03-2001 11:25 AM

I have a small wake, and I'm blaming that on why I don't have 360's yet. <BR>But I have a really good HS FS 180 with a grab. Which was step 1, I am working on my HS BS 180 with the handle pass. Which is step 2. Once I get that down with authority, I'll go for the HS BS 360. <BR>Doing the BS 180 is really teching me to pop up and use the rope for rotation. I usually crash when I try and spin off the wake. I'll have the handle pass down by the time I attempt the 3 as well. <BR>It is all about progression, one step at a time.

08-03-2001 3:13 PM

Not a very good excuse Joe. I learned to do 3s off the back of a 90 horsepower outboard with a ski bridle. The part I had the most difficulty with was keeping a good axis on the spin. You have to keep your head up. You may also want to avoid trying to go real big with it a first. I've seen people do 3s with barely any height and only about 65% of the spin is done in the air. Good luck guys once you start landing them you'll love it!

08-05-2001 10:17 PM

keeping your head up helps stay on axis?? thanks for the tip ill try that. im in a 85 hp outboard, so i kno the feeling of a small wake. for me it helped a lot to learn blind 180s first. i can do blind 180s pretty easily now, so now its just a matter of a blind 180 only spinning a little faster and an extra rotation after the pass.

pretty much at your max height 08-06-2001 11:42 AM

I think toeside is easier. Just cut in fairly hard, pop, and then wait until you are in the air (pretty much at your max height) and pull the handle hard to your back hip. If you pull it hard you will get the rotation. Doing them toeside makes pulling the handle to your hip a little easier b/c of your body's position in the air. Just don't ever try to throw the rotation off the wake, you'll never get it that way! (unless you are trying off axis threes, but good luck with that!)

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