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09-02-2003 10:34 AM

How many of you are riding a cast t-bar on a sky ski with a modified rear wing? I was thinking of changing my rear wing to bat wing or LEX. How much difference does it make, and is it worth the change?

phaeton 09-02-2003 11:12 AM

I'm running Bat front and rear wings on my Cast t-bar. Rides great, almost as good as an LEX. <BR> <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/50752/80679.jpg" alt=""> <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.Wake-Me.com" target="_blank">www.Wake-Me.com</a> <BR>

09-02-2003 1:34 PM

With the bigger front wing wouldn't there be more force on the t-bar? I weigh 240, Don't want to bust it. Don't want to spend the money to buy LEX foil &amp; t-bar either. That's why I was wondering how much difference it would make on just the rear wing change.

phaeton 09-02-2003 3:43 PM

Yes I'm sure the bigger front wing puts more stress on the T-bar. I think it will be fine until harder tricks are thrown. I never rode mine with just the rear wing so no help there. <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.Wake-Me.com" target="_blank">www.Wake-Me.com</a> <BR>

magic 09-02-2003 10:19 PM

George, I have been on my SS/ST with the standard foils, bat wing rear and bat front/back. <BR> <BR>I have also spent time on a LEX. <BR> <BR>I like the Bat rear on the standard ski. It skids better, jumps a bit better and is a bit more forgiving on landings. <BR> <BR>With both bat front and rear, it rides very very nice. Skids like there is no tomorrow, lands in a skidder if you land a bit back, very fast reacting. <BR> <BR>This weekend, I will try a LE front and Bat rear on my ski then decide what to buy/do. I would like to try a LEX with Bat front and rear just to ride the lighter/taller ski. <BR> <BR>My buddies LEX rides realy bad with the bat rear, but he has the older LEX strut and would need to machine the rear to work with the added lift of the bat wing rear. <BR> <BR>My ST did not need the rear adjusted/shimmed. If anything, it all most has to much lift. It gets a bit tiring to ride it from pushing down on my feet all of the time. I have shimmed some lift out of the rear when feeling lazy. <BR> <BR>I'd say do the bat rear, but the change is not huge. The bat front and bat is very nice.

09-03-2003 7:05 AM

Thanks for the reply. I plan on changing the rear wing first because I won't have to do anything such as drilling &amp; tapping. Do any of the bolt holes line up on the front wing, or do you have to redrill all the holes? I might try a LEX rear wing on my t-bar, because a buddy has one I can try before I buy. I put his t-bar &amp; foils on my ski the other day, and it made it alot nicer on jumping &amp; more forgiving on landings, but his lighter tower &amp; ski makes all the difference in the world. If I spent the money to buy a LEX complete foil, I'd like to have the titanium tower &amp; etc for the lighter weight. Thanks again.

phaeton 09-03-2003 7:21 AM

The front bolt holes are the same but need to be drilled out to 3/8" and the other two added. <BR>The rear wing is just a bandaid. The LEX is where it's at. Just wish it was not so expensive. <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.Wake-Me.com" target="_blank">www.Wake-Me.com</a>

garry 09-03-2003 2:52 PM

Did you buy the prototype Batwings from blaine at sky ski as they look a bit different to mine. <BR> <BR>Garry

phaeton 09-03-2003 3:43 PM

Correct mine were a prototype set.

garry 09-03-2003 9:39 PM

I noticed the wing sits closer to the teebar.With mine the rear edge of the wing sits about 3/4 inch further forward.Was there any other differences that you have noticed. <BR> <BR>Garry

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