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jpar247 07-29-2014 3:14 AM

Remind me how my Wetsounds system is supposed to go
Ok, Order a full wetsounds system last year and finally getting around to installing it.

WS-420BT (Bought this year)
1x SD6
4x XS-650
2x Icon8
1x XS-12

Alright here we go. My batts are in the rear of the boat. from the batt switch I'm running a 150A circuit breaker, from there I have 20' 1/0 runs to the front of the boat to 150A 4lug Bus Bars. Off the BB I'll run 2G wire to the SD6 along with another 150A CB upfront between the BB and SD6.

Anyone know if the SD6 with accompany the 2G wire or is 4G the max?
Is the 2nd 150A CB needed up front?

Ok, with power out of the way hopefully, Wiring. This is what Im struggling with right now.

Ch1/2 XS-12 (15' run of 12G from the SD6-XS12) (12g OK over that run?)

Ch3 1xIcon8
Ch4 1xIcon8 (would this be better bridged or ran in parallel or series?)

Ch5 Front XS-650
Ch6 Rear XS-650 (Dont really care about front or rear, would rather get the most out of these) (All of those speakers original wires come up to the front and hook up to the deck. If I run in Parallel can I just put both front + into Ch5 + spot and both rear + into Ch6 = spot, etc with the Negs

Hope this somewhat makes sense. Would really love some feedback from you guys before I put my tail between my legs and call up Wetsounds...:banghead:


chpthril 07-29-2014 5:11 AM

4ga is fine, not need for 2ga from the BB to amp as long as the run is short. No need for additional circuit protection at the amp.

Sub bridged on 1/2, check.

Icons on chnl 3 and 4. Not bridged, series or parallel, just each speaker on its own chnl

for chnls 5 and 6, I would parallel the 2 left speakers on one chnl and the 2 right speaker on the last chnl, so you retail stereo to the in-boats.

jonyb 07-29-2014 6:08 AM

What Mike said.....

Should sound pretty good.

MIKEnNC 07-29-2014 7:29 AM

I run a large stereo and auto customizing shop. I am not saying this to dispute your talents or put you down in any way so don't take it like that. You may want to consult with a couple shops and get some quotes before you undertake this job. I have seen many people damage their equipment or vehicles from simple mistakes made and you may want to get options having it done professionally before you dive into the job. either way good luck to you on it.

jpar247 07-30-2014 12:57 AM

Thanks for all the replies guys... Finally got my amp rack and WS420BT trim piece from the plastic shop so its coming together quickly now. Hit the acrylic with some 220 sandpaper and it frosted perfect, LEDs will be in the fall. Just finished soldering all the extra wire for the WS420 to go to the BBs to hopefully eliminate noise. Soldered ring lugs onto the 2G wire from the BBs, 2G seems to fit into the SD6 but its tight. Went out and bought a roll of 12g speaker wire, gonna re run all the XS650s wires cause they're too short to make it too the SD6, also will be able to make the 2 runs for the Icon8s and then another run down the gunnel for the XS-12. Just need to hit up the fastener shop and get some Stainless hardware to mount everything up.

Hopefully we'll be hearing some noise out of it by the weekend:D

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