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giarc1234 07-26-2014 7:43 PM

American Lake, WA
Looking for riders on American Lake. I have an A22 that is moored on the lake. Looking for early morning about twice a week and maybe some late evenings. Some weekends as well.

Shoot me a PM.


donb 07-28-2014 12:49 PM

Do you surf? That's primarily what I do, also Sky Ski some. Available mostly weekends, possibly some mornings for the next 2 weeks. Have a V226 and have spent a lot of time on American.

giarc1234 07-29-2014 12:34 PM

I do surf. I have a homemade surfgate for riding goofy. But the boat will throw a pretty good regular wave.

donb 07-29-2014 3:09 PM

Sent you a PM.

donb 07-29-2014 3:11 PM

Oh yeah, I surf regular, but wouldn't mind trying goofy if that's how you ride.

tonyv420 07-29-2014 3:17 PM

I'm out quite often in my Yellow Avalanche surfing, flag me down if you see me! I am also looking to pay someone, to leave my boat moored on the lake at their dock for like three days at a time, if your interested in surfing a great wake and making some extra gas money, send me a PM

giarc1234 07-29-2014 4:52 PM

If I see you out there I will flag you down. I am sure I have see that boat out there at least once already. I Keep the boat at the FT lewis marina, I wish i lived on the lake.

rugbyballa3 07-30-2014 7:51 AM

how are you weighting the a22? you can get a better wave listed in the a22 then you can get with a gate in my oppinion. message me if you want to know how to weight it. i even run with out wedge both sides cause wedge makes it to steap and short. ask anthonyv911 he knows about my wave. bahahaha. h20crimals!

giarc1234 07-30-2014 1:49 PM

Paul I run stock and 800 ronix bags in the lockers plus the arrow bag in the bow. I looked at your public profile and see you run mass amounts of weight in your boat.

tonyv420 07-30-2014 2:04 PM

Craig, PJ runs a lot of weight in his A-22. The wave is sweet. You have to list that thing as hard as you can get it. I think PJ runs bags and lead, like a 1,000 lbs of lead! We will have to hook up out on the lake. I should be out tomorrow or friday evening! hopefully!!

giarc1234 07-30-2014 2:23 PM

Yeah we will have to meet up. I can be out tomorrow or Friday. I will shoot you a PM with my number.

Schneb73 08-28-2014 7:14 AM

Hey guys John here. Used to be a "regular" on American but it seems like I do more chillin than riding these days. Tony, we've talked in the past and seen eachother on the lake often. I'm in the 02 Green and White Calabria Pro V. I'm sure I've seen the others on here. I'm usually at "little American" hangin out with my kids and friends. Tony if you're still looking for moorage I can talk to two of my buddies on the lake that live next door to eachother. I moore mine there from time to time.

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