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Blueliner 07-19-2014 6:18 AM

Transmission issue?
I have a Moomba Mobius xlv 2007 with the indmar 325HP engine. I have had it for about 2 months. I noticed last night when setting up to pick up a downed rider that when you back off on the throttle and you are looking for neutral it seems to rev up a little as you go into neutral and then takes about 2 or 3 seconds before it drops in to idle. I am not sure that is a new development or not. I may be out on the water tonight or tomorrow, anything I should look for to help diagnose a problem. All other operation away from neutral seem to be OK. going from neutral and into reverse seems to be normal. The boat does not move in either direction in neutral. Maybe I am over vigilant.


WheelerWake 07-20-2014 6:56 AM

Sounds more like an IAC valve issue than a transmission one.

phathom 07-20-2014 11:46 AM

Also if it revs a little bit, technically you are taking a little load off of the engine when you are putting it back into neutral and not into gear with a load on it. A slight bump in RMPs isn't too surprising, then the engine just idles back down to normal.
It's like when working on cars when you have to adjust the idle, you want to have it at a certain rpm in neutral, but when you put it in gear it drops some from the load. If you have a vacuum leak or bad valve or something it will drop too much and not run right or kill the engine. In my experience, an engine will always idle slightly higher in neutral, at least temporarily until the computer adjusts it down again.

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