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RonBurgundy 07-16-2014 5:48 PM

Anyone have a new Supra SA??
if so im hoping you can upload some pictures of the hinge mounting points on the seats in the boat which hinge up and out...i think supra calls them "tricked out" or something like that. Looking for how its mounted inside of storage area, as well as to the bottom of the seat so I can fashion something similar.


nelson 07-17-2014 8:01 AM

I'll see if can get out to the shop and take a picture of mine today.

RonBurgundy 07-17-2014 11:33 PM

Any luck?

tyler97217 07-18-2014 7:33 AM

The SC has the same brackets and I was going to snap some pics, but keep forgetting. Here is a pic from the Supra site. Not a great one though. I will try and remember next week if Nelson does not get to it first...


nelson 07-18-2014 7:40 AM

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Here ya go couldn't get out of my office yesterday

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