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Wakesounds 07-16-2014 4:24 PM

speaker whine?
I know usually these things come from a grounding issue but maybe someone can point out my mistake. I added 2 6v to my dual 12v system for amps...I put the 2 existing 12v's on perko switch 1 and added the two 6v's to perko switch 2. I wired the grounds on the batteries banks together with 4awg. The system has a pretty audible whine only when the engine is on, then goes away if you turn of the HU or turn off the boat engine (with the stereo still on). Did I miss something in my install? Fyi the boat is brand new and worked fine before the addition.

bwake 07-17-2014 3:10 AM

Had same problem, thought it was ground so i went through and basically rewired the system. Turned out one of the amps was fried. Replaced the amp with a new exile and the problem went away.

denverd1 07-18-2014 1:39 PM

sounds like "road noise" as its called in the auto world. Does the pitch change with RPM? I'd separate the grounds on the 2 banks and see if that helps.

Wakesounds 07-19-2014 4:05 PM

Its not like the "road noise" that your referring to where it changes pitch. Its just a steady pitch once the boat and stereo are turned on at the same time. At the moment it seems to be gone after I adjusted and tightened some connections so hopefully that was the issue.

phathom 07-20-2014 2:03 PM

Start with the grounds
after that move to the equipment, disconnect stuff until it goes away, then reconnect stuff and narrow it down. I have seen this be bad grounds, bad amps, and even bad speakers or wiring. Just a bunch of trial and error. BTW: You did hook your 6v batteries up to produce 12v right? Stupid question, but something that may be overlooked. If you have it hooked up as a 6v ground system and the rest is setup as a 12v ground system, I could see that giving you some issues. Break out the multimeter and double check.

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