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chris_schweda 07-07-2014 9:19 PM

New Orleans G23
I have a G23 and most of my boys that ride moved away I am looking for peeps to come out and ride, There are not many riders around here. The boat is on the water and always glassy somewhere out there. we also are doing bbq's and crawfish boils my friend has an awesome boat house its like a park. Chris Schweda 504-782-7203 Just be fun and courteous.

livesideways 07-08-2014 2:54 AM

See you in September Chris. Can't wait to shred the new boat!

fizzz 07-10-2014 1:31 PM

Upgraded to g23?! Nice I'll have to get back down there!

livesideways 07-11-2014 4:48 AM

Come with us Shawn. I'll even give you a lift to the airport

FastR3DN3K 07-11-2014 7:14 AM

I work offshore out of Fourchon, but have a tendency to spend a few days at our office in Houma if the rig doesn't need me. If I get a couple days free while I'm down working I may swing up that way and catch a pull with you. I've been wanting to check out the G for some time now...

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