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edahl 07-03-2014 11:12 AM

Colorado (Denver Area)- I will be your third, fourth, ETC...
Good day! I have been riding for several years and I am looking to progress. Had a boat, do not have one now. I have a stream of friends that I ride with on a weekly basis. However I am looking to get out on the water a few more times a week. I have some tricks I would like to get back and some new ones I am looking to add to my repertoire. I am an intermediate and up rider. I would love to connect with peps that are looking to progress. I am professional, fun, know how to get around on the boat and always have gas money. Please shoot me a text or call Erik at 720.879.2230 (erikdahlen@gmail.com). Enjoy the day!

wakesetter_WW 07-03-2014 8:14 PM

Hey, whats up Erik??
I am relocating from TN to CO in two weeks. Looking for any wakeboarders I can meet to hopefully get a pull from! I have been riding for about 8-10 years and love the pursuit of progression. Let's get in touch and maybe we can ride sometime. Experienced boater so always good for gas and a helping hand.

ccrider 08-03-2014 1:38 AM

starting this week I will be looking for people to ride at sloans lake. I have very few who can ride weekday mornings and that is by far the best time to ride. Anybody interested, hit me up 720 878 3000. I just picked up an 04 xstar and working on getting it dialed in.

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