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scentofamule 07-02-2014 6:22 PM

Help with a Few Boards
Hoping to get a recommendation for two family boards. One for my kids and one for adults and my kids to later use. We are new to wake surfing. Have a 2014 MasterCraft x-10 with Gen 2 surf system. My kids are 7 (55 lbs), 8 (70 lbs), and 10 (95 lbs). Want a board all can use and get up on. She is 5'8 (128 lbs and I am 6'2 (180 lbs). I don't necessarily have a budget. Willing to spend the money if it means we are surfing as a family.

What I have come up from researching is:
Kids: Inland Surf ooze
Phase 5 Scamp (although only up to 80 #)
Shredstixx Chaos Nano
Walker Project Grom

Adult Beginner: (Most confused here)
Inland Surf Blue Lake

For both am I better off spending the money now and getting some custom boards?
It is overwhelming looking through all these boards. It was easier buying a boat!

wakemitch 07-02-2014 9:00 PM

Definitely get a Scamp. it will work for the 3 kids no problem. They can go up to 110+
The Ooze is 51" which is just way too big for the kids even though it is sold as a kids board. The Scamp is way cheaper, and is the easiest to ride out of those boards.

Chaos 07-02-2014 9:23 PM

Get a Chaos Nano and a Ringer. These will cover the whole family.

Your wife can ride the Nano or the Ringer. PM me or give me a call and I can walk you through a bunch of boards.


dreamer 07-03-2014 7:46 AM

My kids rode a Walker Project Grom when they were lightweights and loved it. The Inland Surfer Mucus might be a better choice than the Blue Lake. Once you progress then get a couple of customs and the Mucus could be your " boat board".

scentofamule 07-03-2014 9:21 AM

I have read that the Mucus pearls. Seems like a lot of people have learned on the Blue Lake. My adult board would eventually bocome the boat board but want a board that everyone (adults of all range weights including my wife and myself) can learn on. In a boat board I forsee taking adult friends out that have never done it and being able to get them up. Never really see a negative review of the Blue Lake other than it is too stable (which is something my wife would like). Is a blue lake too big for her? I am happy after we learn to move onto a custom board but want to make the learning process as simple as possible for everyone.

Chaos 07-03-2014 11:12 AM

The blue lake is not too big for her when up and riding for learning the basics, but yes too big for anything else. If she is one of those that has trouble popping a big board up/sinking it some (leg strength) then it will be a struggle and negative for learning how to pop up. This is a 50/50. Some smaller people have trouble with big boards others do not. She will be better off learning on a board you get for your youth. You should decide if you want a surf board or a skim board.

People learn on blue lakes and more so broadcasts because of availability. It is what the shops have and sell to the customers, it has nothing to do with them being good boards versus bad boards or good learning boards, etc. If you do not have a problem dropping a 1K for boards you will out grow in a few months, that is cool. You could also get two nice customs for 1K, which will allow you to progress more.

Other than that if you need help setting up the wave for the X10, I and many other can help. The X10 throws one of the best smaller boat waves out there. Similar if not as good as an RZ1.


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