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CenCalLakes 06-22-2014 9:55 AM

Fresno/Millerton need 3rds
Recently moved to Fresno only have a handful of friends and they seem to flake the morning of going to the lake...so looking for 3rds-4ths to come with us to Millerton Lake. We go on a regular basis weekdays and weekends.

Only catch- we are a young family with a 15 month old boy so you need to be down to chill on the boat...we are not looking for people that want to go out and get hammered, party, and blast music. Just looking for down to earth people that like to wakeboard and hang out on the lake and don't flake

dmoitoso1 08-05-2014 6:31 AM

I work in the Fresno Bakersfield area and would love to chill with you and the Fam. I am an older wake boarder but can hang with the kids..... Thinking about bringing my boat down to the Fresno Area so I can ride Week Nights early say 2ish till dark. If you dont mind Boarding with an Old Dude I would love to Board, Drive, Gas whatever.
I can go Today if your going say 2 ish... I am in Bakersfield Wed and Thur. But next week is good too. Text or Call me 209 484-3534 Dan:cool:

rayholt 08-10-2014 8:10 PM

Hey guys! I'm always looking for people to ride with. I relocated from Fresno to the LA area, but do go up there to visit friends from time to time and would be able to make a trip to ride and not flake and pitch in for gas. What types of boats do you have?

dmoitoso1 08-27-2014 6:23 AM

Sorry for the late reply, Boat is a 99 Brendella w/tower nothing special old school gets the job done:D I live up north and have yet to commit on bringing it down (120miles) can do if we have a crew? Next week after L -day is looking good......

inShane 09-07-2016 11:35 PM

First post! (eeek)

From Fresno, name is Shane. Everyone flakes on me! Everybody and there mom wants to go to the lake until the day of the lake. I have been looking for people to ride with on the lakes around here, I own my own boat, but it's hard to pull yourself! So I joined this forum hoping to meet some people. I am a business owner (Heard of Fosters Freeze?). Unfortunately that stops me from partying and getting hammered, so don't worry about that.

Anyways, next time you head out, shoot me a text. 559-647-5090. I have two boards that I can bring, one of which is a pro board.

Talk soon hopefully.

Anyone is welcome to text me regarding lake days!

CenCalLakes 09-14-2016 9:06 PM

Shane sounds good I may hit you up possibly going out on Millerton this weekend I am competing in the shaver lake triathlon Sunday morning but will be taking the boat out on Millerton Sunday afternoon 9/18/16. Shaver is too blown out in the afternoon for wakeboarding. I have an old 89 ski Brendella direct drive closed now so it's a little tight space and a small wake ( wont need any pro-level boards to hit this wake ) hit me up if you want to go. 559-395-2450

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