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Smooky 06-19-2014 8:21 AM

Looking for a Surf Style board 220lbs

What kind of board will you suggest ?

Thanks a lot.

petrie141 06-19-2014 8:28 AM


Smooky 06-19-2014 8:39 AM

Well it is hard to say.

Maximum 700$ I think.

But could go up for something really good.

fence_sence 06-19-2014 11:17 AM


fence_sence 06-19-2014 11:21 AM

There's a couple nice boards in the classifieds here. That SS Chaos would do the trick. Nice board.

scuba_steve 06-19-2014 12:22 PM

Smooky, What is your height, skill level and wave size you normally ride behind? Boat/ballast setup? Style of riding and direction you want to take your surfing?

Looking to just cruise along in the pocket with some light carving? Aggressive surf style working towards air tricks?

A lot of these can play a factor in finding a board for you.

rugbyballa3 06-19-2014 12:29 PM

i wouldnt buy a board built from a wake company or a surf company built over seas. keep it in the usa. get a board from a custom hand shaper. i ride day1wake surf boards. love them. not saying you have to buy theres but they make a great board like a lot of the hand shaped companies do. you might pay a little more but you get what you pay for. i know day1wake surf boards are durable also. had a buddies drop from under his arm pit on to the dock and not even a ding. that says something also.

Smooky 06-19-2014 1:21 PM

I m riding behind a Malibu 21 vride 2012. With 1100lbs rear locker ballast, 750 surf side seat and 400 in the bow.

I m about 195cm and intermediate skills.

And my goal is to try doing air.

I m riding now a phase 5 Daniele carbon as skim board and definitely want to have a second board surf style.

smorris7 06-19-2014 1:36 PM

Doomswell Big Step

h20king 06-19-2014 2:17 PM

SOULCRAFT get it touch with jeff tell him your needs and he will work his magic .There are more SOULCRAFT riders than any other custom .We cant all be wrong JMTC

Smooky 06-19-2014 11:56 PM

Thanks a lot Harold, I just sent him an email.

Let's see :-)

Smooky 06-21-2014 11:42 PM


Do you know how fast they usually answer ? Still no news from them :-((

Smooky 06-21-2014 11:49 PM

What about the addixion xxx. Ans experience ? Advices ?

h20king 06-22-2014 7:59 AM

Smokey sent you a PM with contact info

malibu 06-22-2014 8:42 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Here is a picture of the Soulcraft Da Honu board made for big guys. The rider is Jeff Wahlers owner of Soulcraft. He can make you the perfect board. He has done it for so many of us. The picture was taken at the WCO behind his new FX22.

malibu 06-22-2014 8:49 AM


Oh I forgot you can see his boards here if you haven't already

WakeDirt 06-22-2014 3:41 PM

Boards can take almost 90 days to get to your doorstep...better order now if you want it in August. Great product though, love my Da Honu

Smooky 06-22-2014 10:59 PM

Thanks a lot everybody. That is very kind of you.

90 days seems really long, but I guess it is normal for something really exclusive and made for you.

No comments about the triple X addixion so probably not something to consider.

zap 07-05-2014 4:37 PM

In the interim, get your hands on a IS Mucas or swallow v2... You will want to keep them as once you have your soul craft you will not want anyone else on it as all custom boards are easy to damage.

LKASurfing 07-06-2014 2:49 PM

Fly Boy Big Boy

Woody 07-06-2014 3:50 PM


Originally Posted by LKASurfing (Post 1883602)
Fly Boy Big Boy

I agree, I love my Fly Boy.

Smooky 07-06-2014 9:19 PM

Thanks guys ! I'm waiting on my fang tail. Jeff is shaped it for me. Can't wait to get it !!

Smooky 07-07-2014 12:21 AM

By the way, here you go my experience :

Doomswell : Really quick in answering. Feel confident do deal with them, until they quote me the shipping for the same price than the board:eek:, when others companies quoted me a shipping cost around 200$ (I'm overseas in Europe)

Walker Project : Got one answer, but no news still around 2-3 weeks.:banghead:

Soulcraft : really good contact with Jeff, he answers quite fast, and he is shaping me a custom board, with color, design etc according to my wishes. Shipping cost was good as well.

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