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hillbloomer 08-29-2003 5:47 AM

Im trying to decide on a pair of bindings and i would appreciate some help here. <BR> <BR>'03 Hyperlite 30/60 <BR>'03 Hyperlite High Backs <BR>'03 Hyperlite Splits <BR> <BR>Any good/bad experiences with any of the above? <BR>What are the recommendations? <BR> <BR>Also, i will be getting them shipped from the US so i need to get the size right first time. <BR>My foot size is 9 - 10 (UK) or 43 - 45 (EUR). <BR>Im thinking about going for the XL size just to be on the safe side. Again, any help here would be appreciated. <BR> <BR>Thanks!!

skippy 08-29-2003 6:13 AM

I have same size feet (9-10) and find that the large are a perfect fit ( I also have wide feet). Don't go for XL, on the occasion when I have borrowed a mates board with XL bindings they have been so big that I just give up, no fun. IMO go for high backs.

blabel 08-29-2003 6:22 AM

I have a 9.5 shoe size but pretty flat feet and wear a medium. The 30/60 and Highbacks are better bindings but it will come down to personal preference to decide between the two. The highbacks should offer more ankle support between the two.

rootc 08-29-2003 6:35 AM

The highbacks are the only high end binding that you list above. Out of the bindings you list I would definately go with the highbacks. <BR> <BR>As for size I would get the mediums or the medium/large. Depends on your foot shape. If you have fat feet then get the md/lg. If you have narrow feet then get the mediums. I know is sounds small but hyperlite bindings are on the big side when it comes to fitting. I wear a size 10 shoe and wear md/lg parks. I have comfortably worn medium parks bindings as well.

noneya 08-29-2003 6:38 AM

I wear a 9.5-10 and ride the Large 30/60's, I really like em. you might also consider the Byerlys they feel similiar to the 30/60's but the BOA makes it really easy to get in / out. It is true that it is personal opinion.

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