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WestYeti 06-05-2014 3:26 PM

20ft inboard ballast layout
What's up guys,
Just wondering if anyone has any experience getting a good wake out of a 20ft inboard - specifically a Tige 20i? I've heard that it isn't the best, but it'll be my dad who is buying the boat and he still likes to ski quite a lot, and it's been a struggle getting him to upgrade from a 17ft I/O which we tried everything to get a good wake out of! So this was his compromise, we don't have a powerful enough car to pull anything bigger, and because we live in the UK there isn't much else to choose from with our budget! I know the 20i has the same Hull as the 20V, but it's direct drive instead, so I assume with enough weight in the right places, and the TAPs system set right, you can still get a good wake out of it. Just want to know how much weight and where to put it. I'm a fairly good intermediate, I can do a handful of inverts, 360's a few ways, learning to raley (good argument for needing a new boat!) and love going huge into the flats, so I want to get the wake as big as possible.
Would love to see pictures and any feedback is welcome :p

bstroop 06-05-2014 4:39 PM

What year 20i?

Big difference in the locker space between the older and newer ones. If its a newer one with the deeper freeboard you can fit about 500lbs in the rear locker and whatever you want in the walkway. I had an 06 20i and for a DD it had a nice little wake to start off. It was a little rampy so weight in the rear locker gave it a little more vertical shape. I could put a lot of weight wherever I wanted because of the depth of the boat. If it was an older model I wouldn't have been so comfortable with it.

BTW I lived in Lakenheath for 4 years and loved the UK.

boardman74 06-05-2014 4:58 PM

Pretty sure the 20i and the 20V never shared the same hull. With an DD your going to want a weight bias to the back. Say 70/ 30. I'd start with a tube style sac(long like a W705) across the back of the boat. Then get a set of the DD sacs(W703's) for on the side of the motor box. See how that is and go from there.

fence_sence 06-05-2014 5:41 PM


Originally Posted by boardman74 (Post 1879897)
Pretty sure the 20i and the 20V never shared the same hull. With an DD your going to want a weight bias to the back. Say 70/ 30. I'd start with a tube style sac(long like a W705) across the back of the boat. Then get a set of the DD sacs(W703's) for on the side of the motor box. See how that is and go from there.

Correct, they never shared a hull.

It would be a help to know what year the boat is. The first thing you'll want to do is get out your measuring tape and fit the biggest sac you can in the trunk. It'll be the most important part of your set up. I would even recommend having a custom sac made for it. It's not very expensive for a basic, square(ish) sac. I think I paid ~$200 for my two custom sacs each.

Post a pic of the boat if you can.

WestYeti 06-05-2014 6:15 PM

It's an 07 I think
Brian, do you have any pictures of your wake?
My bad, I thought I'd read somewhere that they did!

WestYeti 06-05-2014 6:28 PM

For having the shortest length in Tigé's lineup, the 20V has a long résumé. It has towed the Tigé U.S. Open Wakeboard Championships and the IWSF World Wakeboard Championships. It sports the same hull as the direct-drive 20i, which has been approved by USA Water Ski to pull record tournaments. Those accomplishments translate into versatile performance with a do-anything ConvexV hull that works with the TAPS2 plate to create the right wake for whatever you want to do. At a lower setting, the wakes make runs through the slalom course very doable at the "average Joe" line lengths of 15 to 28 off. A higher setting increases the peaks to let wakeboarders launch wake to wake."
Just found this article Waterski Magazine which says they do?

bstroop 06-05-2014 8:21 PM

Yeah I have some pictures that show some wake but they would discourage you in comparison for wake boarding. I ride a hydrofoil at 25mph with no weight usually so the wake is small in the pictures. The 20i and the 20V do share the same hull. You'll get a bunch of feedback here not necessarily from individuals having owned one so keep that in mind. I'm not a specific brand guy and only bought my Tige because at the time I liked direct drives and got a smoking deal on it with only 17 hours. After owning it for a while I found that it was my favorite so far. Here's what I can tell you about it.

It's a deep, wide direct drive that rides really well and offers a safe feeling because of the freeboard depth. Because of its width it will take more weight to get a big wake out of it. Don't buy into the advertisement of the TAPS plate. All it is is a standard wake plate and doesn't offer anything special, but it is essential to the 20i (i'll explain more shortly). What really does help is the convex V design. Its a non planing hull unlike most others. If you look at the side profile the length of the hull has a pronounced convex shape raising more at the transom. This keeps the boat from planing out at wakeboard speeds and allows the transom to sit lower in the water because it's still plowing through the water. Once you get above about 25 mph it starts to porpoise because it will never plane because of the convex hull. That's where the TAPS plate comes into play. Just give it a little trim down and the hull will plane and stay nose down. Tige did a lot of marketing to make it seem like it would produce a big wake with the combination of the hull and plate. Don't believe it, however it does improve the wake significantly for a direct drive. For reference I had a prostar 205 (90 inch beam) with about 400lbs of weight in the back prior to the 20i. With no weight at all in the wider 20i the wake was just as nice as the proven prostar wake. It produces a nice clean rampy wake right out of the box and can be tailored by you adding weight and using the trim plate. I loved the boat and only sold it to move up to a larger Vdrive for my growing family and crew. The ski wake is beautiful at speed with the plate down. I've also had several friends comment that it's the biggest little boat they've ever been in.

I really liked the boat and all of this is in my opinion, but at least you have feedback from someone who owned one.

bstroop 06-05-2014 8:32 PM


Not sure if you can see this or not. Not sure how to upload just the pic from my iPad. I'm old :-(

WestYeti 06-06-2014 2:27 AM

Thanks very much for that - really helpful and reassuring! We got pretty good at getting the best wake out of our old 17ft I/O just by playing around a lot, moving ballast etc so I guess we'll just go through the same process. I've seen the wake off some of the PS 205 and it looks really good so to hear it's just as good if not better is great! haha I'll be happy regardless because anything will be an upgrade on our little boat, and I've managed to learn a fair bit behind that!
Unfortunately the image doesn't work, thanks for trying though! :) haha

fence_sence 06-06-2014 9:53 AM

I stand stand corrected. I talked to Harvey at Tige this morning. The '07 20i and 20v do share the same running surface.

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