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simcole 06-04-2014 4:43 PM

Speaker advice and help
I accidentally posted this in the help forum so please ignore that one. So I don't own a wakeboard boat per say, but I'm hoping I've come to the right place anyway. I have a '96 Godfrey Hurricane 25' deck boat that I love. It's perfect for the family. I do a lot of cove parking and we even have some small islands that have beaches here. I like to drop the kids off on the beach and listen to music. Right now I only have 4 coaxals near the floor of my deck, which does not project the sound outside the boat. I met someone last week who has a pontoon and he brought out a 12" portable PA speaker running off an amp. It turned into a party on the island, and it was a lot of fun. I'd like to hang some speakers so I can do something similar when this person isn't around. I'm looking at a pair of Krypt HLCD 7.7's. I'm going to fabricate some custom mounts because I want to be able to move the speakers depending if I'm parking on the beach or floating besides the boat. I also don't have a tower, and have 7/8 rail around the boat.

Anyway I guess my question is, if I'm floating 10-30 feet from the boat, or the same distance on the island, am I looking into the right speakers? I want to have the ability to get loud if I want to How is the bass with the 7.7's? I've never heard HLCD's in person so I'm hoping yall can fill me in. .

I'll end up adding a sub later.

Here is a picture of my model boat. I'm going to get a 7/8 rail mount and adapt it to hold those speaker pods. That way I can move them around the boat and aim them off the size/front/back etc.

Hurricane Link: http://media.channelblade.com/boat_g...40097071_l.jpg

Antenna mount adapt to speaker: http://www.rodholderdepot.com/image_...4240485150.gif

This is similar to what I'm thinking: http://store.earmarkcaraudio.com/Xca...d-16501-01.jpg

simcole 06-05-2014 1:50 PM

Really? Nobody has any thoughts on using HLCD speakers to aim at swimmers in the cove or beached? Do they carry any bass? Surely someone knows here.

Greeko 06-05-2014 2:22 PM

stay away from HCLD for your application. Stick with some plain 6x9 in an enclosure on the tower or go for "surf" style tower speakers. it will be better for your application.

hatepain 06-05-2014 3:45 PM

I shot you a PM Adam.

simcole 06-05-2014 4:43 PM

Thanks for pm. I really dislike 6x9's. They never perform very well that I've seen. I really want something that can be loud and thump when I'm beached.

chpthril 06-05-2014 5:44 PM


Originally Posted by simcole (Post 1879894)
Thanks for pm. I really dislike 6x9's. They never perform very well that I've seen. I really want something that can be loud and thump when I'm beached.

7.7" HLCDs can be loud, but wont thump, sorry. You need either an 8" coax or a larger 10" HLCD like the Wet Sounds Rev-10.

BradM07SS 06-06-2014 3:20 AM

Nothing is going to thump off a tower or similar application. For floating or beaching 10-30 foot all you need is a good 8" coaxial. Add a sub to your boat if you wanna hear thump.

DavidAnalog 06-06-2014 6:54 AM

Completely forget about "thump" from a tower speaker unless you have a giant sound reinforcement cabinet sporting bass-reflex and multiple 10, single12 or 15-inch drivers.
You are going to need big cone surface area AND big cabinet size AND lots of power.

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