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Centurion17 05-29-2014 9:08 PM

05 centurion
Hello all.

First off, total noob here. 40 yr old getting into new hobby after 20 yrs of mx tearing up my body. Any advice on surf set up for 05 centurion storm series. 750 lb sacs in port and starboard, 250 lb in front. Got a Hyperlite broadcast 4'9". I'm 5'10, 165 lbs.

I've surfed before (years ago) behind old direct drive with half this wake, so I thought this would be easy. With my boat, I cannot stay in the pocket. As soon as I throw the rope I fall right out the back or drive too fast toward swim deck. Setup: Totally filled bow and port side and put 3 people on port side leaving only driver. 10-11 mph. New to this so not a lot to compare to, but seems like a big enough wave to me. I've had advice that my board sux (get an IS Tako), and that I need more bow weight. Not a whole lot of cash left to throw around trying this n that.

Thanks for any advice.

boardjnky4 05-30-2014 6:02 AM

Should be surf able, but storm series is not a centurion model, it's a trim level. We need to know if it's an avalanche, lightning, elite v, Enzo, cyclone, etc...

Second piece of advice is to calibrate your perfect pass with a GPS phone so you know your speed is accurate.

Then post pics here and we can help you dial in your wave.

racer808 05-30-2014 7:23 AM

Just got rid of all my MX stuff too. Very torn on not riding anymore but with all my injuries, surgeries, watching two deaths this season, my sons friend breaking his back & seeing another friend crush his C7 told me enough, walk away while I still can.

Chances are you are just not doing it correctly, I am struggling staying in the pocket & my wave is dialed. Gonna try some new tips, maybe find someone locally that wants to go out & show me how the heck to do it.

Centurion17 05-30-2014 8:02 AM

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2 deaths?!?! Wow, that's terrible.

Boat is C4 cyclone. Photo is from a video so grainy. Don't hate if my photo uploads don't work. I'm old and have not been on forum in years.

racer808 05-30-2014 8:20 AM

I think you need more weight up front. I have 600 in the center tank & run 500 in the bow. I used to have a 750 on surfside now using an 1100 but it is not full so I would guess I am probably using 900 pounds

boardjnky4 05-30-2014 8:29 AM

wave looks good to me. C4 is a great hull so you cant really go wrong as long as you throw a bunch of weight at it (like you are). Just keep practicing.

T_A 05-30-2014 3:53 PM

Your board is fine. Not the best but definitely able to do the job. I have the 4'9" broadcast as well and I have 30lbs on you and can ride it just fine. Now that I'm used to it, I prefer it to any other "surf company" board I've ridden. Wave looks ok but I would play with speed more.

fence_sence 05-30-2014 5:58 PM

You like your weight is way too far back in the pic. It's the equivalent of standing on the brakes. You really need to get the feel of having some more weight on your front foot. INDO boards are great trainer for getting your feet under you. Another thing I try to do with my greenhorns is to get them to work the face of the wake. It's the same basic concept as compressioning the transition of a skateboard ramp. Up and down, up and down, up and down. You'll start generating your own speed after some time and you'll find yourself need the rope less and less. Start at the end of the rope and work your way back to the boat without pulling on the rope.

Centurion17 05-31-2014 1:59 PM

Thanks to all for advice. Going to put it all together. Fence, your idea makes sense. We called that "pump" in my skate board past life. If you can do that seems you can "rescue" yourself from falling out the back. Going to give it another go tomorrow, weather permitting. Thinking about adding a 600# bow sac soon also.

tonyv420 06-03-2014 1:13 PM

I have a 04 Avy and run 500 in the bow, 250 in the center tank, and a1600# enzo sac in the port side locker, with 400 # of lead under the sac, we ride the reg side only. Also make everyone sit on the surf side. If your rub rail is level with the water you should be good

tonyv420 06-03-2014 1:15 PM

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heres mine slammed

tonyv420 06-03-2014 1:19 PM

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Here it is rollin

Centurion17 06-05-2014 8:56 PM

Tony420...that is a bunch of weight! You say 600# in bow and I don't see a sac so I assume it's a v sack under the seats. Does it fit well? Does it fill all the way? Did you plumb it with the center ballast or by an over the side pump?

tonyv420 06-06-2014 11:53 AM

Its two fly high 250's for 500 total, they are under the seats and fit well, yes they fill all the way up NP. I will plumb them in with my ballast puppy that fills the rear enzo sac, when I get some more spare cash. Right now I fill them with a over the side Tsnuami 1200.

tonyv420 06-06-2014 11:57 AM

My ballast puppy fills and emptys from the bottom of the boat (thru hull) very stealth!

nailem 06-06-2014 12:24 PM

I have a 05 enzo. I have 1100 in rear locker and 750 under the bench seat. on the enzo you don't want any weight in front of the windshield but if you do it will make the wake longer but take away some push. if I have have more than a couple in the boat I add about 150-200 on the starboard side and it really cleans up the wake. I run my trim tab between 25-50%. 25 is steeper and 50 is longer. speed between 10.7 and 11.5. centurioncrew dot com has lots of info

tonyv420 06-06-2014 3:20 PM

The enzos are completley different to weight then my Avy, I used to not put any weight in the nose, and the wave was super steep and powerful, My wife is a skim style rider, so I started lengthening the wave with front weight. She now has caught the bug of surf style! I might be going back to just 250 in the bow to get the steeper wave!

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